Sharp See. Fly Over: Cross Boundary Integration, Design Symbiosis

- Jun 09, 2018-

Ji Xia, the 2018 PHILPS elite designer growth plan starts in Shenzhen. This growth plan, focusing on the design of cross boundary communication and cooperation, continues to provide the opportunity for the development of a new generation of Chinese designers eager for sustainable development, self breakthrough, and love of design, and to build a bridge to realize the dream.——LED intelligent lighting

Xin renfei, a renamed renamed new lighting innovation in the era of the Internet of things, defines the infinite possibility of light: light has become an intelligent language that can connect and transmit information.

The application of the Internet of things in Xin Nuo Fei

The Internet of things has become a globally recognized new engine for economic development. As the industry has said, the transformation and development trend of the Internet of things industry step by step into the bowl of Xin Nuo Fei.——LED intelligent lighting

At the starting ceremony of the 2018 PHILPS designer's growth plan, Yao Mengming, the general manager of the lighting design and Application Department of China, told reporters that "today in the age of the Internet of things, the lighting is also undergoing major changes." With the change of the company's name, it is a new start. We hope to have an innovative concept and hope to turn the company's direction to a new lighting service in line with the age of the Internet of things. Internet of things lighting brings us new possibilities: not only technology, but also opportunities for cross border integration and new business models.——LED intelligent lighting

It is worth mentioning that at present, Xin Nuo Fei has about 29000000 points in the world that can be connected to the network and transmit different information through these huge number of connection points.

As an honorary mentor of PHILPS's elite designer growth program, Lai Yunong, the founder of ten I. M. I. M. I. M. and a global director of the International Lighting Designer Association (IALD), "now, Xin Nuo flies to the Internet of things, this is an important milestone: lights are no longer light, light is no longer light, but a life. A part。 When the lights are lit, it should not be seen and seen so simply that the faint emotional changes that are felt inside are the magic charms of light. For lighting design, how intelligent interconnection is combined with the industry so that light is finally used by people and is combined with our lives, which is the real 'make light'.

Yao Mengming thought, "we should add people's behavior, such as voice, gesture and movement, into the lighting scene. For example, the music is passed to the system, and the music is played through the lights, which is the action transmission.——LED intelligent lighting

2018, focus on the cross boundary integration of design

In the era of 3G, China is running along with the 4G era. Our country will be running and the coming 5G era will lead China to lead.

In the era of information explosion, a multi-dimensional era of big data is coming. More and more cross-border integration arises at the historic moment. They have different vision and vision, bringing new experiences and ways to the lighting industry. Cross border integration is a huge and new ecosystem. Each participant has his own innovation space and boundaries.——LED intelligent lighting

Therefore, the importance of cross boundary integration in lighting design is self-evident. When China's local lighting designers really have the industry innovation thinking, so that users can meet the special application needs of the current LED products. Xin Nuo Fei is trying to do this. 2018 PHILPS's elite designer growth plan is concerned with the design of cross-border communication and cooperation, Yao Mengming said, "the theme of our activities in 2017 is the integration of online and offline, we invited more than forty industry elite to share and communicate with our young designers. The theme of 2018 moves towards cross-border integration. We hope that from the original pure lighting designers to more architects, interior designers and family designers, in the context of intelligent interconnection, we can achieve diversified, transboundary cooperation and complementary advantages, and feel a new integration of design.——LED intelligent lighting

With the promotion of consumption and the further internationalization of China, lighting designers fully understand that lighting will no longer stay in basic brightness changes, and the requirements for lighting have risen from functional to humanistic. Lai Yunong said, "we are in the era of connecting the past and the future. It is a great honor for China's lighting industry to have such a status today. For a new generation of designers, what to think about is how to apply the specialty of lighting to human life; the inspiration you get in your life is the best tool to change your life. This is my expectation for the current designers, and I always imagine life. "——LED intelligent lighting

The new generation of designers will lead the new ecosystem of smart lighting.

The essence of design lies in the relationship between people and the environment. It is the design of behavior. Lighting design must analyze user behavior and people first. "Good lighting solutions can not do without a good design concept, lighting design to follow the people-oriented, design as the source of the guidelines," said Shen Xiaohui, the general manager of China's marketing department, Xin Nuo Fei. "Through the in-depth cooperation and communication with the designer, the international communication platform in the cross design field and the development of the Chinese lighting design industry are the responsibility and initial heart of our global lighting leading enterprise."——LED intelligent lighting

"So, China's Internet is stepping into the second half, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, how to integrate innovation with the relative traditional design industry, how to win together? How can designers upgrade the industry transformation and upgrade? For intelligent lighting design, Li Kunhong, head and senior director of shinfei global design center, said," In fact, intelligence is a means. Through intelligence, we need to consider how to make life better. This is our final goal. Through intelligence, more information can be conveyed to control and master light better. Lighting design is not a purely technical application, nor a pure aesthetic expression, it is more in the philosophy of the things, let the light closer to its life, close to the feelings of the heart of the user, this is what we really want to achieve.——LED intelligent lighting

The lighting has the characteristics of extensive coverage and penetration, and the lighting point is converted into the access point of the Internet of things. It can greatly accelerate the promotion of the Internet of things, and realize the intelligence and information. "On the one hand, you have to cater to the needs of consumers, but on the other hand, you have to change the way consumers live. Because there are many things that could not be done before, but now we can do it. We need to let consumers know about it. Technology changes the future, and the idea comes from life and imagination. As designers, we must dare to put forward demands and make use of technology to make our life more comfortable. Lai Yunong said.——LED intelligent lighting

Conclusion: every move of Xin Nuo Fei is an unforgettable moment for us. It has been guiding us to bring new technology applications to high technology, presenting the "beyond seeing" experience of lighting for every space of smart city. The future of technology can no longer be separated from each other, and lighting design has become a symbiotic body. Transboundary integration, design symbiosis. 2018, Xin Nuo Fei works with China's new generation of designers to feel the charm, value and glory of lighting, and promote the rapid development of China's design industry.——LED intelligent lighting

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