Shunchang, Australia: 400 Thousand New LED Chips Will Be Reached By The End Of The Year.

- Sep 27, 2018-

On the 19th, Shunchang, Australia and Ocean, received a survey and answered the questions raised by investors, sharing the company's current LED situation, metal logistics and lithium battery business.——LED lighting

Wu Xiangyang, representative of Shunchang Securities, said the company is currently focusing on the largest lighting market in the LED chip field and has become one of the top three suppliers in the LED chip industry. The company's existing LED chips have a monthly production capacity of about 1 million, and another 400,000 are under construction as planned, slowly releasing capacity from August. It is expected that two-thirds of the capacity will be reached by the end of September, and the rest by the end of this year. At present, part of the production capacity of sapphire cutting, polishing and PSS substrate project has been put into trial operation. The company will implement the follow-up project construction according to the first part of the production capacity operation and LED market situation.——LED lighting

About the metal logistics situation, Wu Xiangyang said that the company's metal logistics distribution products are divided into steel plate and aluminum plate two parts, the production base is mainly distributed in Zhangjiagang, Dongguan, Guangdong, and Shanghai three places. Now the customer group mainly for the IT industry and auto parts, business stability, can provide a sustainable and stable cash flow for the company's development.——LED lighting

In lithium battery business, Tianpeng Power Company, a subsidiary of the company, has been producing three-component cylindrical lithium batteries since 2006. It has accumulated long-term experience in research, development and manufacturing, which is very important for lithium battery enterprises. In terms of products, the company took the lead in the successful introduction of NCA high nickel system, the product has a high market competitiveness. Compared with other companies in the industry, the company's products focus on ternary cylindrical lithium batteries, not involving lithium iron phosphate, soft package, square and other forms of batteries.——LED lighting

In addition, Wu pointed out that the company's lithium batteries face two markets, one is the electric vehicle market, the other is the electric tools market. In view of the current downstream industry prices, repayment and other specific circumstances, the company strategy to increase the proportion of power tools. According to the past year's situation, the lithium battery in the second half of the year will normally be higher than the first half of the year.——LED lighting

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