SIEMENS Continuously Purchases Three Companies To Promote Digitalization Of Intelligent Building Industry

- Dec 30, 2018-

SIEMENS Continuously Purchases Three Companies To Promote Digitalization Of Intelligent Building Industry

In June 26th, SIEMENS, a German company, announced that it would acquire a start-up company called Comfy in Oakland. The company allows office workers to adjust the temperature and lighting of office compartments to improve productivity and happiness.——LED lighting

SIEMENS's Building Technologies department is causing a wave of acquisitions. Last month, the Department acquired two other intelligent building companies, J2 Innovations and Enlighted. Among them, J2 Innovations, a software framework provider for building automation and Internet of things, has been operating for 10 years in the field of the Internet of things software business, and has established a good reputation in the United States and internationally with FIN (fluid integration) framework technology; Enlighted is a building network system provider based in Silicon Valley. Functional sensors, distributed computing, their own network and software applications, and with advanced lighting control as the main element, users can optimize the use of energy. The three companies have played a role in promoting the digitalization of the intelligent building industry.——LED lighting

"These acquisitions are not only a separate investment to help us develop our business, but also to expand our intelligent building strategy together." Dave Hopping, President of SIEMENS Building Technologies, explained, "we want to be the world's leading smart building company, and we need companies like Comfy to accomplish this mission."——LED lighting

SIEMENS said that although the company is open to acquiring more companies, it will be the company's ultimate investment in the field of intelligent building.

Like the other two acquisitions, they refused to disclose financial details.

Comfy, formerly known as Building Robotics, is the only user oriented company acquired by SIEMENS. It was originally a simple application that allowed employees to control the most important problem of every office building: temperature. The company initially advertised it as an energy efficient solution for enterprise buildings, which will be able to turn off the unused HVAC system.——LED lighting

But Comfy quickly distinguishes itself from competitors such as Flywheel and BuildingIQ as an end - to - end solution to all aspects of the environment for the management of the workplace. One of the other companies in the same field is to analyze the data of the building manager or to sell sensors in the office and some other hardware to collect data. One of the disadvantages of doing this is to ignore the employees' preferences. Comfy solves the problem of most employees from the perspective of customers.——LED lighting

Temperature and light change can affect people's behavior, distract people's attention, or influence human hormones. Comfy's application now plays the role of a small personal assistant, collecting anonymous data about personal favorite temperature, lighting, seat location and so on. At the same time, Comfy is also exploring the development of indoor location services. When studying your personal preferences, it will adjust the settings when you move in the office, and predict your needs according to your actions and timetables. If the preferences of the two employees are inconsistent, the system will average them.——LED lighting

The solution helped Comfy attract many technology giants. The sources have confirmed that they have reached a deal with Microsoft, Intel, Salesforce and Infosys, and currently manage 56 million square feet of office space in six countries. Before the acquisition, they also raised $20 million from investors such as Microsoft Ventures, Emergence Capital and The Westly Group.——LED lighting

Upon completion of the acquisition, Comfy will continue to operate as an independent entity and cooperate with SIEMENS and non SIEMENS building infrastructure. "As an entrepreneurial company, you can quickly iterate, but you can't do too much business at the same time, which usually leads to the exhaustion of funds." "The purchase changed everything, and we now have the support and resources of a larger company, and they see it as a strategic plan, not just a gamble," Comfy said.——LED lighting


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