Six Forms Of Commercial Lighting Design.

- Apr 30, 2018-

    Commercial lighting, as the name suggests, is corresponding to home lighting.

    The lighting of hotels, clubs, KTV, bars, hotels, Windows, exhibitions and other places belongs to the category of commercial lighting.

In the design of the use of lamps and lanterns and lamplight illume, commercial illume and household illume have very big difference, the former is more inclined to combine function illume and adornment illume.

    Below, I will discuss with you about the commercial lighting design commonly used six lighting forms?

    1. Contour lighting design.

In order to highlight the construction of the outer contour and the overall shape, LED lighting designers often USES clearance light into line, depicting the outline of the building the building, the framework of doors and Windows, roof, and the lines of the roof.

The contour lighting design is often used in larger buildings, emphasizing the overall shape of the building and ignoring the local details of the building.

    Ii. Lighting design.

Flood lighting design is the light emitted from LED light lamp directly onto a plane or three-dimensional surface of the object, the object to show the effect of lighting engineering, lighting and the appearance of the object modelling or history looks better in the night.

Lighting design is the most commonly used nightview lighting design technique.

    Iii. Inner light illumination design.

The main feature of this kind of night lighting design is to use the lighting fixtures inside the building to illuminate the building from the inside out, and the maintenance is simple.

The simplest way of lighting is also the most natural lighting design.

    4. Neon lighting design.

Neon lighting design is to make use of the unique shape and bright colors of the neon lights to create decorative effects.

Neon lamp ACTS as a kind of light source of project, be favored by businessman, its lamps and lanterns modelling is rich, the penetrating ability of light is strong, colour is rich, extremely dynamic, and still very energy-saving.

Often used in some clubs, KTV external wall lighting design.

    5. Searchlight lighting design.

The light beam of the searchlight is narrow and bright, and it can be used to illuminate the night sky. It can form beautiful beams, which can be seen in a long distance, which is not only beautiful, but also has a strong advertising effect.

Some mountain lighting projects often use this kind of lighting technique, the long distance "show" the effect is significant.

    6. Negative contour lighting design.

Negative contour lighting design has two forms, one is through the background light, will be according to the light of lighting equipment in the back of the object to create negative contour lighting design, lighting design is also referred to as negative contour, it is suitable for the subject construction.

    The above is to introduce the author of six kinds of mainstream commercial lighting design form, in fact is far from the above six, in the form of commercial lighting design as an important part of urban lighting design, lighting design of reasonable choice of lamps and lanterns and science, can make our businesses more consumption appealing, to make our city more colorful!