Smart Lighting Will Detonate In The Next Three Years

- Apr 30, 2018-

    Optoelectronics's CTO Qi Xiaoming once worked in a world-famous lighting company for ten years and witnessed the ups and downs of the lighting industry for 15 years. He currently serves as the CTO of Op Lighting, a domestic leading lighting company, and is leading Optronics in the field of intelligent lighting. . Under the leadership of Qi Xiaoming, Op Technologies has developed a number of smart lighting products such as Xiao Ou, Ying Hui, and Oupu Smart Box.

    Qi Xiaoming said that turning professional lighting applications and lighting concepts into valuable lighting products is Oppen’s primary goal. "Lighting will need to merge with other conditions or introduce cross-border solutions before it will usher in a smart home explosion. Otherwise, it will be early users' toys or manufacturers' technology shows."

    Smart lighting and smart lighting

    If the concept of mobile phone control of the light source is now intelligent lighting, then the future must be to experience a better direction of intelligent lighting.

    What is wisdom? It is to integrate mobile phones, sensors, IoT devices, and intelligent switch lights. This fusion is smart lighting, completely breaking the current concept of intelligent control (mobile phone control light source is equivalent to intelligent lighting).

    In addition to mobile phone control, future controls may be switches, which may be fully automatic, where to go where it goes. This requires a lot of devices to work together, such as what sensors are behind and what algorithms are used to calculate them. Good technology makes people feel that he is not there. Such a good experience will bring value to the society.

    Future smart lighting is cross-border

    The possibility of a cross-border business in the future of smart life is very high, and often the cross-border business is far stronger than the lighting industry. In the lighting industry, it is determined to invest less in the smart home sector. The General Assembly prefers to use an open platform to operate. However, if the platform company formed does not understand lighting technology, openness is only a technology introduced. Not a whole program. In the future, smart lighting will naturally integrate into smart life, which requires a cross-border overall solution.

    From a technical perspective, the current single technology is mature, but the integration technology, or systematization capability is not mature. Many forerunners have been propagandizing fire but cannot stand the test of the market because they have not solved problems from the perspective of systems, lighting applications, and user experience. In the end, everyone is just looking at technology.

    In the future, the popularity of professional lighting may be the best umbrella in the traditional lighting industry. Because of the research on lighting applications, many basic researches are needed. Finally, through products, through propaganda, and through education users, the market is slowly embodying its value. The integration and linkage of lighting will enable more powerful cross-border players to enter, becoming a powerful lighting provider.

    Professional Popularization + Smart Product Fusion

    From the perspective of industry outbreak, it is expected that some very good solutions will be born by the end of 2016, and there will be a very big outbreak in 2017 and 2018. In 2015 and 2016, it will be a period of exploration and solution of technological advancement, but there will be explosives in the course of these explorations.

    At the end of the industry, only the leader will remain. In this trend, either enough depth or breadth to stay alive. Therefore, there must be integration and intensive capabilities in a single field or there are some magic weapons to watch.

    For Op, it is our primary goal to turn professional lighting applications and lighting concepts into valuable lighting products. As for the degree of integration, we adopt an open attitude, lead or join hands with other partners to jointly promote the development of the lighting industry.

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