Soraa's Vice President Of Sales Left To Form A New Company To Join Acuity Brands

- Feb 18, 2019-

George Stringer, The former vice President of sales at Soraa, has left The company and founded a new sales agency, The Lighting Group, in Seattle, us, foreign media reported.

In addition, Stringer acquired Lighting Group Northwest, the former Hubble Congressman.

At The same time, Acuity Brands has announced that The Lighting Group will conduct business on behalf of Acuity in The Seattle and west Washington area from February 13, 2019.

From February 18, 2019, Seattle Acuity's order and quote services and customer and dealer support will be transferred to The Lighting Group.

According to the data, one of the founders of Sorra company is Dr. Shuji nakamura, a Nobel Prize winner in physics who is praised as the "father of blu-ray".