Stars Are Shining. The 2018 Aladdin Lantern Prize Award Ceremony Is Held Successfully.

- May 18, 2018-

Justice and justice do not forget the beginning of the heart. On -15 April 5th, 133 senior people and 36 cooperation agencies from eight countries and regions all over the world voted for the 905 items of the first trial (1203 items) of the first trial of the Aladdin magic lantern award, and selected the first 30 units and individual corresponding items of each category according to the number of tickets. From this, 134 The project stands out in the 905 projects, and won the "Aladdin 2018" award.

In the evening of May 16th, it was held by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aladdin association network Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangdong south network energy light sub Lighting Research Institute held in the Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Science City Hotel, the outstanding award ceremony held at the Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Science City Hotel, and on the scene of these excellent projects Special award.

At the beginning of the party, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the founder and chairman of the Guangya Convention and Exhibition Group, Pan Wenbo made a welcome speech, and announced the opening of the Aladdin museum exhibits. The Aladdin museum is to record the development of human lighting, carry forward excellent lighting culture and art, display and display the world classic lighting products and famous engineering cases, the glorious palace of outstanding design works, will be open to the global professional audience.

He said that the sun is new every day, and the industrial innovation and development will promote the Aladdin lantern prize to enter a new stage of development. "The road is long, and I will go up and down." We do not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to advance, the courage to change, the courage to innovate, always along the right course chopping wave chopping waves, the world's lighting industry to the bright side of the development.

Then, Xu Faqing, chairman of Guangzhou's Da Sen lighting Limited by Share Ltd, made a speech. He pointed out that the development of the industry needs a bridge of communication. The Aladdin divine lamp award is like a bridge of friendship. Through here, we enhance mutual trust, mutual help and mutual love; it is also a bridge of cooperation, through which we strengthen coordination, We should deepen cooperation and seek win-win results. And "to create brilliance" is the mission of the light of Da Sen's lighting, and we are also proud to be proud and proud of the business we are engaged in.

During the celebration, the dinner party entered an exciting prize presentation. There are 32 enterprises that won the "outstanding product award".