Subvert The LED Display Industry Who Is Eligible?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Subvert the LED display industry Who is eligible?

    To be sure of the answer, innovation is the first impetus for the LED display industry revolution, and it will certainly be the industry's subversive. Traditional LED display is shaped screen, small pitch subversion, COB open a new era of packaging, transparent screen, grille screen gives the possibility of outdoor wall display more, interactive large screen makes monotonous screen more life, these are "innovation" Subversive!led bulb light

    Looking at the current industry, the technical development of LED display has entered a relatively mature stage. Whether it is the further optimization of small spacing or emerging COB, Micro LED, etc., there is a relatively clear direction of innovation. At the same time, manufacturers of LED display devices, chips, and supporting facilities in the industrial chain are also making efforts to improve the existing technologies and process processes, and they are constantly increasing the attention and exploration of new technologies... The upgrading of the entire industry. Transformation needs to rely on innovation to promote.led tube light

    With the further increase in the global display market demand, LED display manufacturers market competition has also been fierce competition. All major display companies have made corresponding adjustments in order to survive and develop: there are some deep-plowing products, there are adjustments in development strategies, there are people in the expansion of industrial scale, there are those who play cross-border, and they accelerate the seizure of emerging markets. There are... In this "screen war" filled with smoke, only the screen enterprises that insist on implementing the innovation consciousness can laugh at the end, and those screen enterprises that stick to stereotypes and do not understand the new trend of keeping up with the market demand, It is only sooner or later to be subverted.led flame bulb

    However, judging from the current situation, in addition to a number of established “leading” screen companies in the industry and newly emerging “black horse” screen enterprises in recent years, the innovation situation of other small and medium screen enterprises is not optimistic. The fundamental reason is that the current industry has emerged a trend of consolidation, and the dominant resources are concentrated in strong screen companies. Weak screen companies have deficiencies in capital, technology, manufacturing, brands, channels, and so on, so their innovation is more difficult.led flood light

    However, in this environment, the industry has always had a number of small and medium-sized screen companies that have persisted in innovation for a long time. They have found a fit for themselves in many innovative directions, such as: LED display energy-saving performance, display installation and maintenance Simplification, research and application of new materials for LED display cabinets, and even integration of LED display screens with virtual technologies such as VR, AR, and 3D, and the AR virtual fitting room and adults and children appearing under the concept of “human screen interaction” AR Game Park and much more. With the continuous improvement of intelligent LED display screens and the development of display creativity, LED displays can bring surprises to more audiences in more fields. We sincerely hope that in the new era, we can continue to change our concepts, intensify our innovation efforts, and further realize industrial technological subversion.

    At present, under the trend of LED display technology and product innovation, the application limit of LED displays has become even smaller. Whether in the area of large-area displays or in the display of small-area close-range displays, LED displays are Showing a certain degree of feasibility and decent application prospects. Moreover, with the acceleration of commercialization, digitization, and intelligentization, the application of LED display screens is even more magnificent. In the future, the LED display industry expects more innovations and subversion!

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