Sun Zhongyun: 160 Million Of Reckless

- Sep 14, 2018-

The Aladdin Divine Lamp Award in 2018 and the application project of Guangdong Forest Light Lighting Co., Ltd. - "Flower Arrangement Project along Tiananmen Square and Chang'an Street on National Day 2017" won the "Ten Project Awards".——Light show

In fact, many people do not know that this is the 7th year of the forest light to undertake the Tiananmen Square basketball lighting project; of course, more people do not know that the forest light participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Jinan National Games, the 2014 Beijing APEC Conference, the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan parade, 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Harbin Branch and a series of major events such as the lighting show project; in addition, perhaps no one except themselves knows that this only light show of the engineering company, last year's performance reached 160 million, nearly double the year-on-year.——Light show

We are full of curiosity about this seldom exposed engineering company. What's the difference between them and the general engineering companies? Why did they win the Tiananmen Square project? How did their 160 million achievements come about?——Light show

With these questions, we have the honor to interview Sun Zhongyun, chairman of the forest light. After 14 years in the business, he laughed at what he had achieved today, saying that everything was done "wildly." But in his words, what we saw was professionalism and concentration under the extraordinary execution of Forest Light.——Light show

Sun Zhongyun, chairman of Guangdong forest light & Lighting Co., Ltd.

Integration of lighting design and construction

When we first learned about Forest Light, we thought it was a lamp manufacturer. After all, they did have their own production line. After further understanding, we found that it actually did work, but it was "not very similar" to a pure engineering company. Sun Zhongyun's definition of forest light is "a professional lighting show service provider which integrates the R&D and production of lighting show products, engineering design, integrated system, construction and film production".——Light show

In short, what they do is "integration of lighting design and construction". Through integrated services, Forest Light can better control costs and engineering quality from the perspective of owners, highlighting its "price advantage" and "follow-up quality assurance advantages".——Light show

As for engineering, forest light is actually a "half way out". In 2004, the forest light started with stage lighting equipment. With the rise of outdoor lighting in recent years, the use of stage lighting in the outdoor has gradually become a trend, lighting show as the finishing touch, gradually become the standard of large-scale landscape lighting projects. Forest Light seized the opportunity and turned to engineering five years ago to concentrate on the design and construction of outdoor lighting shows, becoming a leader in this field.——Light show

Speaking of the transformation decision of that year, Sun Zhongyun said: "In fact, as we see this market is not without enterprises, but most people maintain a wait-and-see attitude, and we dare to dare to do. Facts have proved that our decision is right, and now is a good time for us to play. "——Light show

Especially last year, it was fruitful: 17 projects, revenue 160 million, compared with 89 million in 2016, the performance nearly doubled. Sun Zhongyun has almost become a "flying man in the air", and he has come down 105 times a year, regardless of the high-speed rail journey! He can say that 365 days a year, more than half of the time is on the road.——Light show

The power of "specialization"

"We are different from other engineering companies, we only do light show, light show is our only way out, is our job." Speaking of the company's business direction, Sun Zhongyun stressed that "specialization" is the consistent development line of Forest Light. At present, 85% of the forest light business is outdoor lighting show, and almost all permanent projects.——Light show

1. "specialized" products

Forest Light has two major production bases, one in Dongguan, Guangdong, and the other in Bijie, Guizhou, focusing on the production of the five most commonly used series of lamps and lanterns lighting show - projection, laser, pattern, dyeing, beam. Among them, the most important light speed lamp and dyeing lamp are forest light independent research and development products. Laser and projector are renovated and upgraded for the introduction of internationally renowned brands.——Light show

Forest Light products are almost all used to supply their own company's projects, seldom sold to the outside world, so the research and development of products, production are based on the actual needs of the project, to apply, practical, easy to use as the principle.——Light show

One of the advantages of home-made products is that they can optimize and upgrade products in the most timely manner and control the quality of products to the greatest extent. "Demand is one of the key forces to promote product upgrading. We find problems in practice, form demand, upgrade products, and then go back to practice to test, so as to constantly improve and improve the product. For example, in a certain climate environment, how to design the seal of products. Sealed too dead, too bad heat dissipation, too loose and waterproof. We are in constant practice, we have mastered the best data, so as to achieve product optimization and upgrading. Sun Zhongyun said.——Light show

He also showed absolute confidence in the quality of Forest Light products: "Our projects are everywhere, and our products have withstood extreme weather tests. North to Heilongjiang, minus thirty or forty degrees of extreme cold weather, our products carry; South to Hainan Island, so strong UV, our products are no problem. Whether by the canal in Hangzhou or in the karst cave in Jinggangshan, the moisture and humidity are so heavy, our products are still strong!——Light show

Two of the advantages of self-produced products is to ensure timely supply of subsequent quality assurance. "If you use another supplier's product, in case the supplier closes down, or a product stops production, late maintenance will be very difficult. And for our own products, we promise more than two years of warranty, there is a problem, we will be responsible to the end. This is our responsibility, our commitment. " Sun Zhongyun said.——Light show

2. professionals do professional work

"Our company includes design, construction, product development and production, a total of 58 people, although a small number of people, but are particularly professional." Sun Zhongyun proudly said that the lighting show production includes five links - design, product, film source production, integration system, construction, and each of the forest light staff can grasp at least three of them, "both professional and comprehensive" staff quality condensed into a strong comprehensive strength of the forest light.——Light show

Forest Light attaches great importance to the cultivation of talent, everyone is from the grass-roots level, from familiar with lamps and lanterns to start, slowly learn, little by little accumulated experience, until master the entire process. Sun Zhongyun believes that people's ideas and ideas will be different after being polished by countless projects. These rich experiences accumulated by time are invaluable and can not be learned by others.——Light show

"Our staff are very familiar with all the lamps and lanterns in the field of lighting show, and know the effect of each kind of lamps and lanterns well. We will know the new lamps and lanterns in the world for the first time and put them into use, which guarantees that our lighting show effect has always been at the forefront of the industry. I have always felt that good designers must first understand lamps and lanterns, in order to put their functions to the extreme. And the understanding of products and technology is our advantage.——Light show

In addition to the company's own elite, Forest Light also has a large number of heavyweight foreign aid, Jin Xiaojie, Han Lixun, Hu Yaohui, Sha Xiaolan and other masters in the form of design consultants and forest photosynthesis.——Light show

"We cooperated with Professor Jin Xiaojie in the venue of Harbin Spring Festival Gala in 2017. Professor Jin designed glass balls in front of the stage and achieved very good shooting results. A few years ago, we also cooperated with a stage designer in the stage lighting of a Huangmei opera. He designed a beautiful dance background with branches and bamboo as the elements. Speaking of these impressive collaboration experiences, Sun Zhongyun said, "I admire the ideas and creativity of these masters, and we are making progress ourselves. I hope that through cooperation with the masters, we can enhance the expressiveness of our works and achieve the perfect combination of art and technology.——Light show

Military execution

During the talks, we learned that Sun Zhongyun had been a scout for five years, and this military career had a profound impact on his production. Even after 16 years of retirement, he still has a strong military complex. He laughed and talked about passing Tian'anmen Square one day. He took a picture of the soldiers standing guard and found that his posture was more standard than those of the soldiers in service.——Light show

In the course of the development of the forest light for more than ten years, the influence of military thinking and style of work is permeated everywhere. For example, Forest Light emphasizes action more than careful planning, and "dare to dare to do", "work hard", "don't put on airs" and "do things in earnest" are regarded as spiritual programs and become their corporate culture; military-like execution and strict requirements are practiced by them in every project. . And these qualities are also one of the key factors for them to win the Tiananmen Square flower lighting project for seven consecutive years.——Light show

"Many people are curious about how Forest Light got the project, and some people wonder if we have a background. In fact, we have nothing to do with it. " Speaking of the "grand feat" of receiving the Tian'anmen Square project, Sun Zhongyun can still recall many details clearly.——Light show

"Tian'anmen Square project time node is very clear, every year at the end of August to determine the program, in mid-September to enter the construction, the end of September lights. That year, the whole plan changed greatly. At the project meeting, besides us, there were seven or eight more powerful and experienced enterprises. After the completion of the report of the director of the Tiananmen Management Committee, they did not speak for at least a minute. Such a large amount of work, such a short period of time, such a high quality requirements, everyone should consider carefully. I stood up and said,'Reporting Director, I am the first batch of troops in Hong Kong and the first batch of troops in Australia. I have enough political consciousness to ensure that the mission is completed! Not good work, see you first!'Finally, the project was left to us.——Light show

"Because there are so many tourists in Tian'anmen Square during the day, I can only work at night. In order to speed up the progress, I stayed up for several nights. During the construction process, the Secretary and mayor of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee came to the scene to check! It can be seen how much the risk of this project, as long as a leader is not satisfied, we may be finished, so we are the highest standards to ask ourselves. Since there is no place in Tiananmen Square to hide lamps and pipes, all can only be exposed, in order to ensure the beauty of the scene, every 10 cm of pipes are tied with a tie, and the wires are all neatly oriented in one direction. We're just going to do it to the point that no one else has anything to pick on, and that's why we've been working on this project for seven consecutive years.——Light show

Every project has been recognized by the proprietor.

In recent years, as the state vigorously promotes the development of cultural tourism industry, as one of the effective means of expressing urban night culture, the lighting show has blossomed all over the country. However, in the face of the project, the forest light is not to refuse, nor perfunctory, but always adhere to their own operating standards.——Light show

"Firstly, we will not take the project simply for the sake of performance, but to create a classic work as a starting point; profit is not what we value most, and ensuring the quality of the project is our primary criterion." Last year, the Jinggangshan water show project made by forest light even lost money. Originally planned to install more than 6,000 lights underwater, the original budget was 20 yuan a lamp, and then in order to ensure the effect, Forest Light offered to use more than 50 lamps, plus other adjustments, the entire project lost 800,000 yuan. But seeing the final result, Sun Zhongyun thought it was worth it.——Light show

"Second, we hope to tell the story of a place through its work and add color to it." Sun Zhongyun makes an analogy, if there are two items for him to choose, one is the place where the business atmosphere is strong and the crowd is focused, the other is the place where the cultural background, stories, but more remote, less tourists, he will choose the latter. There's nothing more proud of him than the fact that his own light show has led to the development of a place.——Light show

"Third, we hope to achieve the ultimate goal for every project we receive." Last year, Forest Light did 17 projects, each with a different approach, no repetition of material, and a number of technical breakthroughs. For example, the Jinggang Mountain and Water Show project, to do a 60m * 30m floating platform, sunk in the day, the evening will float, the implementation of the difficulty is very high, the forest light into a variety of stage lifting technology was finally realized. For example, Gansu Baiyin Yellow River "Dream Seeking Stone Forest" lighting show project, they did a light show on the Gobi beach without water and electricity, can be said to have opened the domestic pioneer. Another example is the naked-eye 3D show they made in Mangshi with glass as the carrier. Because of its reflective and transparent properties, the glass must be coated. In order to achieve the best results, they have been tested repeatedly and have achieved perfect results in only 25 days.——Light show

Sun Zhongyun said: "Every project we do has been approved by the owners, each project can withstand criticism and testing, so we do not need to do a lot of publicity, I would like to take people to the scene to feel, to experience, which is more convincing."——Light show

Look forward to the future

Last year's performance doubled, so that Sun Zhongyun forest light this year's performance is full of confidence; and the successful selection of the Aladdin Lamp Award for Excellent Engineering Award, this loud shot is even more frustrating for him!——Light show

Speaking of the next planning of the forest light, Sun Zhongyun believes that the most urgent thing is to solve the personnel problem. Last year's business volume reached its limit for the company's 58-person workforce, and this year Forest Light will increase the number of companies to 80, 90, or even 100, almost double what it is today.——Light show

"Great expansion is not only to meet the needs of business development, but also to ensure the quality of life of employees. Last year, all of us were working too hard. We were really tired. If you lose your health by making money, it will hurt your family happiness. "——Light show

Sun Zhongyun says that although he has strict or even harsh demands on employees in his work, Forest Light is definitely a company that attaches great importance to humane care. "Last year, some colleagues did not return home for months or even six months because of a business trip. I didn't think so, so on National Day, I put forward a policy: all the people on the project site can send their families to the scene, all the expense companies come out. But this is not a long-term plan, so this year the company decided to recruit, one-by-one training, to ensure that employees reasonable working hours, so that the company's more healthy development, so that employees work happier, happier life.——Light show

Facing the upsurge of listing lighting engineering companies in recent years, Sun Zhongyun admitted that he had been approached the previous year to discuss acquisitions, but he refused, saying listing is not an option for Forest Light. "Our finances have always been healthy, and every year we make real profits, and the benefits of our employees are getting better and better. These are the most important things."——Light show

Looking to the longer-term future, the goal of Forest Light is very clear: through the accumulation of more projects, the upgrading of technology and design capabilities, to achieve the visual upgrading of the lighting show, better expression of urban culture, enhance the image of the city, so as to build itself into the first brand of visual media inside and outside the house.——Light show

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