Survey: Over 30% Of British Buildings Do Not Have Adequate Emergency Lighting.

- Jun 18, 2018-

According to media reports, the UK affordable housing building exceeds 1/3 without adequate emergency lighting.——Emergency lamp

In a survey of 1584 buildings, 40% in the UK, 402 (36%) building escape routes were damaged without emergency lighting or emergency lighting.——Emergency lamp

According to the evaluation report, in fact, more than 70% of the economically affordable housing buildings have fire safety problems.——Emergency lamp

In addition to the shortage of emergency lighting, the evaluation report also shows that the main problems are the breakage of the fire doors, the holes in the walls on the fire protection zones and the lack of information on fire safety.——Emergency lamp

In 1130 buildings, fire doors were broken, or fire doors failed to meet the legal requirements. They should be able to withstand fire for 30 minutes.——Emergency lamp

In 385 buildings, there are holes in the walls or ceilings. These holes may damage the cubicles, allowing fires and smog to spread faster.——Emergency lamp

The report also states that many fire assessment frequencies are less than once a year. 351 of these buildings provide the date of fire assessment, or have not conducted annual assessments in the past few years, or the assessors suggest that the next assessment be carried out in two or three years.——Emergency lamp

Emergency lighting suppliers say emergency lighting is critical and helps to provide emergency lighting in emergency situations to ensure the safety of people and property.——Emergency lamp

Last June, a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower (Grandfield tower) apartment building in western London, and the fire spread rapidly across the 24 storey building. Burning nearly 6 hours, not only inside and outside the building severely damaged black, resulting in 72 deaths, called the 30 largest British fire.——Emergency lamp

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