Systematized Integration Will Become The Mainstream Of LED Power Industry

- Jul 14, 2018-

LED drive power supply market and the downstream industry, especially in the closely related to the development of high power LED street light, but with the improving of the various performance parameters of the LED, LED lighting market gradually rise, wide range of applications, especially in 2011, industry attention from outdoor to indoor commercial lighting at the same time, the application of the LED drive power supply have different needs. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

Although most of the failures of LED lamps occur on the power supply, the power supply enterprises cannot be blamed blindly.

It also shows that the reliability of LED power is closely related to its application field. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

The application of LED products will gradually change from government engineering to civil lighting, and the application of LED will be gradually subdivided. (LED 3W Bulb Light)


Although the claim that a single LED can last up to 100,000 hours has been exploded, it is true that the LED drive power has not kept up with the current LED life. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

According to focus the dimming technology Taiwan donglin group (HEP) chairman of the board of directors, but explain, LED drive power supply with dozens of components, each a small parts as long as a problem will affect the drive electric whole, thus affect the whole life of lamps and lanterns. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

For now, some good LED drive power supply service life can reach 2-30000 hours, HEP has been able to achieve, and is now HEP modulation in the experimental stage, 50000 hours of the LED drive power supply to match the extend the service life of LED the whole light, in the next three years there will be a mature product. (LED 3W Bulb Light)


So for the LED power supply enterprise, in order to reduce the power failure, in addition to various areas with the industry people to fully interactive, how to better use of their own advantages, intensive cultivation, play a role in the field of segmentation, and in 2012 the next issues worthy of careful planning. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

In the four municipalities directly under the central government has held in tianjin lighting technology on the BBS, vice director of Shanghai lighting, professor of fudan university institute of electric light source Liu Muqing also stressed that LED lighting applications should implement the function products compatible and interchangeable, modularization, standardization and standardization. (LED 3W Bulb Light)


Don't need to ignore any complexity of solid-state lighting, easy-to-use products clearly will become more popular with users, and the intelligent modular and will bring many convenient to the user, LED lighting system is the main trend of the future. (LED 3W Bulb Light)

With the development of technology and market maturity, it is imperative to industry standards, the mature and perfect standard is the basic guarantee of the development of LED industry health, and integration of constant pressure constant current modular product will become mainstream, the product will also gradually increase the intelligent control effect. (LED 3W Bulb Light)