Taiwan Considers 12 Inch Silicon Wafer Imports For The Open Continent? Opposition From The Factory

- Jul 19, 2018-

In recent years, semiconductor materials silicon wafer is out of stock around the world. The association of science parks applied to Taiwan "China World Trade Center bureau" at the beginning of the year. It is recommended to open China's 12 inch silicon wafer import without endangering the security of Taiwan and no major adverse effects on industry. The Ministry of economy of Taiwan, after the review at the end of June, decided to keep it temporarily, only allowing only special. Import of the case. It is revealed that the main reason is that the silicon wafer manufacturer, which has a joint venture between Taiwan and Japan, strongly advocates that although China has not produced silicon wafer in China, its manufacturers accept huge government subsidies. If they are open to the market, it will lead to price competition and seriously harm the Taiwan industry.

Silicon wafer is the main material for semiconductors. The research institute predicts that the global silicon wafer shortage will continue to 2020 after a large number of 12 inch wafer plants in mainland China, and only 12 inches of silicon wafer are permitted under 12 inches in Taiwan. At the beginning of this year, the board of science and Technology Association of the Science Park, with the proposal of a semiconductor member manufacturer, proposed to Taiwan "China World Trade Center bureau" to open the 12 inch silicon wafer of the Chinese mainland to the China World Trade Center Bureau.

Taiwan 's "Ministry of economy" held a review conference at the end of June, and the semiconductor industry association agreed to import the 12 inch silicon wafer in Taiwan, which is a demand greater than supply and global shortage. In the free competition of the market, if there is no adverse effect, it can agree to import.

But the silicon wafer maker has stressed that Taiwan customers are not out of stock at the moment, and China's silicon wafer plant is receiving huge government subsidies, and if open to the market will lead to a cut in price competition and serious harm to the silicon wafer industry in Taiwan, the other manufacturer believes that the opening of China's mainland products will be considered. We hope that the government can establish a regular review mechanism or deal with projects to protect the rights and interests of Taiwan manufacturers.

If the manufacturer has the demand, it can deal with the special case.

After the case review conference, the proposal will be retained because there is still a manufacturer's objection, and the next meeting will be discussed. If the manufacturer has the demand, it can deal with the special case.

According to official officials, after the expansion of Sino US trade frictions, the United States set out for "China made 2025" industry, including integrated circuits and other semiconductor related products. Although the current 12 inch silicon wafer is out of stock globally, it is difficult to ensure that future production capacity will not be resisted by the United States to Taiwan. Come on.

Taiwan "Trade Bureau" said that because the open standards of China's mainland goods are more stringent, it is necessary to consult the relevant manufacturers of Taiwan to discuss whether it is open. If there is a need to apply for import, the Taiwan "Trade Bureau" will be examined in accordance with the principle of whether Taiwan has the principle of production, special needs and a small amount. 

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