Taiwan Institute Of Technology Joined LED Plant To Develop UVC LED Technology To Improve Water Quality.

- Oct 21, 2018-

In order to overcome the problem of bacteria in drinking water, ultraviolet (Ultraviolet; UV) disinfection is the main disinfection product in drinking water. According to the wavelength difference, ultraviolet radiation can be divided into ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), ultraviolet C (UVC) and so on. Among them, UVC has the strongest germicidal efficacy. At present, German, Japan, the United States, Canada and other research institutions are actively developing UVC germicidal technology.——LED lighting

In recent years, LED is facing a price competition in the Red Sea, and UVC disinfection and sterilization market is widely used, but the existing traditional UVC filter light sterilization technology, still rely on mercury lamp to produce UVC sterilization, not only large size, light tube fragile, but also easy to produce mercury pollution problems, environmental hazards. Taiwanese Institute of Technology LED experts have long been involved in the relevant research of LED, so think of starting from their most skilled LED light source, to find a better solution for the industry.——LED lighting

In order to develop UVC LED light source, the first step is how to choose the correct UVC wavelength on the LED light source, and try to find the spectrum of bacteria and microorganisms between the wavelength of UVC 200 nm to 280 nm.——LED lighting

The design of the mechanism was then involved in how to effectively sterilize and optimize the utilization of UVC light. The team then constructed a channel with the smallest area where water could be most illuminated by the UVC light source and enhanced the intensity of the UVC projected into the channel, hoping to reach 2 liters per minute, eliminating 9. More than 9.9% of E. coli can achieve the best germicidal efficacy.——LED lighting

The team has now joined a number of large LED factories in Taiwan, invested in research and development, and gradually established a complete upper, middle and lower reaches of Taiwan's UVC LED independent industrial chain, creating a high value-added blue sea market.——LED lighting

"Portable UVC LED mobile water sterilization module" has also been successfully transferred manufacturers, is expected to be launched by the end of 2018, so that more families can enjoy clean water resources. In the future, it can be used in industries that attach great importance to water quality, such as biomedical industry, aquaculture industry, and so on.——LED lighting

Because of its small size, easy installation, portable and quick installation at the outlet terminals, this technology is not only suitable for general households, but also for emergency response in disaster areas, such as earthquake or other disasters, the use of this water purification product can quickly provide clean and safe water for the public. This technology is also included in the 2018 finals. The world's top 100 science and technology awards.——LED lighting

Zhu Mudao, director of the Institute of Electro-optic Systems of the Institute of Technology and Research, said that through such technological development, not only can the cost be saved, but also the use of the restrictions are removed.——LED lighting

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