Taiwan LED Factory Guanglei Is Expected To Expand Production By 20 Percent This Year, Injecting Into The Second Half Of The Performance Momentum

- Jun 02, 2018-

Taiwan LED plant light lei thanks to wear, such as cars niche market demand growth, drive the sensing element full capacity this year, this year is expected to expand produces twenty percent to cover the orders demand, season 3 new capacity is expected to join the production, the pump performance in the second half of the kinetic energy.

Blessing for fundamental temperature, light lei yesterday (31), attack straight detonation amount limit up share prices, closed 25.6 yuan (nt $, the same below), rose 2.3 yuan, turnover increased to 40500, are the quantity and price band high since last November.

Light lei lock sensing element transformation actively, nearly two years thanks optical sensing demand amplification year by year, and vehicle and apparel market demand growth, carrying capacity, sensing element expansion of about ten percent in the second half of last year, is still not enough to meet the demand of the order.

Revenue from sensing components rose to 48.15 percent in the first quarter from 44.92 percent at the end of last year.

The company said it had a good visibility in receiving orders this year. It has invested 400 million yuan to expand its production in response to orders.

It is estimated that after the completion of the expansion, the monthly production capacity will reach 3.5 billion to 3.6 billion, pushing up the proportion of revenue to 50 percent in the second half of the year.

In addition, the LED luminous element quantity of about 2.5 billion, in the first quarter revenues accounted for about 26.88%, LED display, lighting, automotive, such as traffic monitor systems products accounted for about 17.41% of revenue, two, three yuan products about 6.57%.

Guanglei said that at present, the automobile products are mainly used in the after-sales market, including in-car indicator lights, truck lights, etc., accounting for only 10% of the revenue at present, and there is still a large space for future growth.

The company cut 19.83 percent of its cash and equity capital last year to 4.454 billion yuan and posted a net after-tax profit of 0.36 yuan per share in the first quarter, up from the same period last year.