Taiwan Two LED Plant Has Better Performance In The First Quarter, And 2Q18 Operation Is Expected To Continue To Rise.

- Apr 14, 2018-

    A few days ago, it is understood that most of the LED plants in Taiwan are affected by the effect of the off-season effect and the fall of LED, and the revenue of the first quarter has been attenuated in varying degrees, and the factors that affect the Dingyuan and Hong Qi are not very important, and the revenue of the two companies has been increased. In addition to Dingyuan and Hongqi, the accumulation and Li Qing also achieved a high first quarter revenue.

Display driven IC and other shipments are booming, and revenue growth is obvious.

    LED driver chip plant recovery in the second half of last year, the first quarter of this year to maintain the pace of last year's shipments, a single quarter revenue of more than 10% annual growth, with customer pull goods continue to be positive, the legal person is optimistic about the second quarter operation, hope to continue to go.——LED driver IC

    In the first quarter of this year, revenue of 684 million yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same), annual growth of 12.1%, the company said that the growth of major kinetic energy is a large display driver IC shipments are better than expected, the company is optimistic about the mainland market shipment this year, but in addition to the mainland customer shipments meet the expectations, the major shipping rooms in the United States and South Korea are large. The customers who display the screen are better than expected, driving the revenue growth obviously.——LED driver IC

    For the second quarter revenue outlook, the aggregate points out that in accordance with the past industrial boom cycle, the second quarter revenue and profit will be better than the first quarter; the legal person estimates, the second quarter revenue has the opportunity to grow up to 10%.——LED driver IC

    After the second quarter gross margin decline last year, the company has a strict control over the proportion of current standard and niche products. With the proportion of Q1 shipments this year, niche products account for about three to 40%, and the company forecasts that the single quarter gross interest rate in the first quarter of this year is expected to be maintained at 29%. Above。——LED driver IC


    New product shipments, the accumulation of emphasis, the company in the drive IC plant, relatively early layout of small space products research and development, it seems that the Mini LED display driver IC in the third quarter of this year should be a problem, it is expected that the initial stage should be mobile phone related customers, starting next year, Mini LED display drive IC shipments It will increase obviously, and will become another kinetic energy of company's operation and growth.——LED driver IC

LED car lamp permeability increased, Li Qing first quarter revenue hit a new high.

    LED car light module manufacturer Li Qing in the LED car light penetration continues to increase, driving the demand for the main customers to continue to increase the temperature, the cumulative first quarter of the combined revenue of 1 billion 59 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, growth of 4.02%, a new year high. In March, the combined revenue of Li and Qing was 250 million yuan, which was renamed "Hua Yu visual technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai at the end of March and the deferred effect on the request of the customer to open the ticket. In addition, the revenue of some new car lights products was deferred during the period. In March, the revenue was reduced by 20.15% compared with the same period of last year, and the monthly decrease of 23.02%.——LED car lamp

    Looking ahead to the second quarter, Li Qing pointed out that the LED car light penetration enhancement is better than the growth of the global new car sales market, while the global automotive industry towards the electric, intelligent trend clearly, the brand car factory accelerates the application of "intelligent", "environmental protection" two major themes of the technology process, the LED car light characteristics are lightweight Energy saving, carbon reduction, visual visibility and driving safety are among the most important part of the brand car factory developing new cars.——LED car lamp

    In addition, Li Qing continues to develop new products including the active adjustment of headlight system (ADB), active headlight steering system (AFS), compact three eye dual function (ultra-compact triple-eyed bi-function) and other new products, which are expected to have a chance in the engine kinetic energy of the new product and dual company strategy execution. The overall operation is not affected by the slow growth of the new car sales market and the impact of the transcript.——LED car lamp

    For this year, Li Qing said that the company is China's largest LED vehicle lamp module supplier, with a market share of about 10%, with taillights and daylight lamps as the main products, the main customers are Shanghai small series, 30% of revenue, 28% of the Great Wall cars last year, and this year, the penetration rate of Shanghai is improved, and the ratio of Li and Qing revenue is also expected to climb. High, estimated annual revenue share will reach more than 40%.——LED car lamp