Talk About Lighting And Energy Saving

- Jun 21, 2018-

Lighting energy-saving renovation project of many related thesis also many, lighting energy saving transformation need to pay attention to many problems, this article borrow Wei Liming, Tian Renrong the data of the paper - "public areas of the comprehensive traffic transfer center LED lighting renovation project research" (published in the modern building electrical. 9 (2016), mainly talk about the following points, to discuss with you.

Data and calculation are shown in table 1.


Table 1 data and calculation






The cost before the renovation includes the cost of replacing the light source.

The utility model can save more than 50% of electricity fee after transformation, and the effect is obvious.


The following points should be noted in the lighting energy-saving transformation:


1) do not transform for the sake of transformation.

For example, for a project just completed, the lighting equipment is still in the middle and early stage of life, when the transformation will cause greater waste, not desirable!


2) it is necessary to replace the old lighting device with the whole lamp.

For example, it is not good to replace the fluorescent tube with the LED tube and only the lamp tube.

Because lamp tube and accessory want to match, mismatch can affect the performance of illume device and life.


3) be careful in changing lighting and distribution lines.

Because the life of wire and cable is 20 years, the economy needs to be analyzed.