Talk About: Office Lighting In The New Era

- Feb 19, 2019-

In The Revelation of the Workplace, Alan de Botton writes that work occupies the most dynamic and creative part of a person's life. As a place where people stay longer and longer, office space has become an important part of human activity space. At the same time, with the development of science and technology and the constant change of human consciousness, it has undergone a great change.——Office lighting

Nowadays, the office space is no longer just the place where employees do their work independently, but also the communication center. It is the place where employees, employees and customers communicate and exchange information. Therefore, people's requirements for comfortable and healthy performance of office space environment are gradually increasing, and the requirements for lighting quality begin to develop from "quantity" to "quality".——Office lighting

From Amazon, Google, Microsoft to Tencent, from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to Shenzhen, more and more enterprises continue to increase their investment in office environment. In addition to making better use of space and improving work efficiency, they also incorporate intelligent lighting technology into their design and devote themselves to creating a healthy and comfortable office environment for employees.——Office lighting

Office lighting in their eyes

President of the Chinese Lighting Designers Association of Xie Maotang (CLDA)

Electrical Chief Engineer of Huangzhou Datum Fangzhong Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

In interviews with senior lighting designers in the industry, all mentioned the concern of humanized lighting design for office space. Among them, Huang Zhouzhou, Chief Electrical Engineer of Datum Fangzhong Architectural Design Co., Ltd., said frankly, "The current situation of office lighting in China should be mixed. Most of them are extensive traditional lighting methods, mainly to meet functional lighting, pursuing uniformity of lighting, generally using high illumination, high color temperature, basically without considering the comfort of office environment, lacking concern for people. On the other hand, with the development of economy, the progress of technology and the participation of professional lighting design team, excellent office lighting cases emerge in endlessly. People's demand for lighting has gradually increased from the simplest function to the space light environment, which fundamentally promotes the upgrading and progress of lighting design.——Office lighting

In the words of Xie Maotang, president of CLDA, office lighting has been on the rise because of the rapid development of domestic economy in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. With the replacement of fluorescent lamp market by new LED light source, office lighting has developed from simple items in the past to items with diversified functional requirements, such as multi-functional combination of conference rooms. Lighting, exhibition area has the introduction of museum lighting concept, restaurant reception area has the introduction of hotel lighting concept, etc.——Office lighting

Huang Bing, Chief Designer of CEOP Commercial Lighting in East China

Design Director, Ni Bin Shanghai Pingang Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

Huang Bingzhong, chief designer of OP Commercial Lighting in East China, also pointed out that at present, domestic office lighting is paying more and more attention to people-oriented and demand-oriented. From the initial stage, it only meets the requirements of functional illumination, to the combination of aesthetic needs and the overall smallpox system, and then to the present balance of functionality, aesthetics, intelligence and humanization. "Most people spend 40% of their day in the office, and more and more owners begin to pay attention to the importance of office lighting. Comfortable space atmosphere and appropriate illumination distribution are displayed in more and more corporate headquarters and emerging joint office space. Energy-saving and comfort are still the main points of office lighting design at present. With the evolution of interior design, the manifestation of office lighting is diversified, and it is no longer the single use of energy-saving barrel or grid lights; from the diffuse reflection lighting at the top to the virtual light-sensitive neon screen on the wall, and then to the luminous brick on the ground, the lighting has developed from a single method to more dimensions in the space. The lighting form of degree gives people better comfortable experience and visual enjoyment. Ni Bin, design director of Shanghai Pinggang Lighting Design Co., Ltd., thinks that the popularity of intelligent control of office lighting is also evolving. From the initial zonal sunlight induction control to intelligent monitoring of office workstation intelligent closed area lighting is more humane intelligent control. This series of changes show that the current domestic office lighting is no longer lighting, but towards more people-oriented feelings, using the performance of light to create a better atmosphere.——Office lighting

There is a consensus on the need for intellectualization

In the eyes of users, the standard to measure the quality of office intelligent lighting is often whether it feels comfortable and convenient. In the eyes of the owners, apart from the atmosphere, they are more concerned about whether they can achieve "win-win effect": they hope to create a comfortable lighting environment, improve work efficiency, and reduce economic costs to the lowest level. So, we can not help asking, what is the current demand of the owners for office lighting intellectualization? What functions and characteristics should a good intelligent lighting system have?——Office lighting

Huang Bingzhong expresses very affirmatively that there are two main demands for intellectualization for owners all the time:

First, it can effectively meet the functional requirements and intellectualization of office lighting, such as the constant illumination of large space office, multi-functional scene of conference room; second, it can achieve energy-saving effect on the premise of meeting the function, green buildings, such as inductive lighting in public space, and energy consumption of artificial lighting through the application of sunlight.——Office lighting

"With the rapid development of AI today, the owner's demand for intelligence has been further developed, that is to say, the original category of lighting intelligence has been blurred. It is hoped that intellectualization can link all kinds of equipment to control and realize the whole and complete intellectualization, such as the combination of air-conditioning heating and ventilation equipment, fire-fighting system and curtain system." Huang Bingzhong added.——Office lighting

The requirement of intelligent control of office lighting is almost the consensus of owners. Xie Maotang firmly believes that the requirement of intellectualization must match the requirement of intellectualized planning of the whole building. For example, there are many differences between LEED building and WELL building in the requirement of lighting intelligence. However, the demand for office lighting intellectualization by owners is basically a new trend and requirement. Ni Bin also said that the current owners'demand for office intelligent lighting still stays at the level of improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, improving working environment and improving work efficiency. Of course, the dimming requirements and visual comfort are the most basic requirements.——Office lighting

In Huangzhou's view, apart from the very small office space, it should be said that all office lighting has the need for intelligent control, but the degree of intelligent control varies considerably according to the size, nature of the project and the complexity of the lighting scene. At present, the mainstream lighting intelligent control system is Bus system, which is equipped with sensors such as illumination, mobile detection and so on. Intelligent panels are set up on the spot with powerful functions. But the biggest problem is the need to pre-control the bus. If the scene needs to be changed in the later stage, it needs backstage logic programming and professional maintenance. The man-machine dialogue of the field intelligent panels is not friendly enough, and there is no one in the market. Line intelligent control system, but the stability and service life of the system are not satisfactory.——Office lighting

He further explained: "I don't think small and simple projects need to deliberately adopt intelligent control systems, just reasonably distribute the lighting control circuit and reasonably set the position of the control switch. For medium-sized and more complex projects, the lighting design should also be analyzed in detail, and the lighting of open space office area, environmental lighting and key lighting should be selected accordingly. The illumination circuit with clear control logic and great contribution to energy saving can be controlled intelligently. The simpler the control logic is, the better. Never be greedy for completeness, and strive to save investment and operate conveniently.——Office lighting

As for a good office intelligent lighting system, Huang Bingzhong believes that four requirements are needed:

First of all, we should meet the lighting standards, not sacrifice the lighting effect, we need to avoid stroboscopic, dimming instability or other negative lighting experience; secondly, friendly interface, clear at a glance, easy operation, not to bring learning burden to users; thirdly, from the initial investment to the installation and debugging of intelligent lighting effect and function, as well as the management dimension in the life cycle. Nursing needs to conform to the logic of return on investment, respect and meet the owner's cost-effective needs; fourth, compatibility with other systems, openness is better.——Office lighting

Future Development Trend

There is a saying that the development trend of office lighting will lead the intellectualization into a new era. In this regard, Ni Bin agreed, "Because intelligent control should not take up too much investment cost in the future, and its economic benefits are obvious. Through the intelligent control system, we can achieve more different needs of illumination, at the same time, it can play a role of low-carbon energy saving and environmental protection. In this era of rapid development of science and technology, different forms of lighting can be realized through a panel, a mobile phone or even a word. It is convenient and at the same time, it also enables more people to realize the importance of lighting in life.——Office lighting

Xie Maotang also bluntly said that intelligent control will be the development direction of office lighting is beyond doubt, and cited for example, in the past, office lighting mainly fluorescent lamps, dimming switch control methods are often inexpensive, let alone to adjust the light source color temperature, the most is the time-controlled switch. However, the current LED light source office lighting, for intelligent control requirements, almost can meet the requirements of digital intelligence, with the overall building requirements for intelligent planning has not too many barriers.——Office lighting

Huangzhou also holds the same view that the intelligent control of office lighting is definitely the future direction of development. It is emphasized that it should have at least the following characteristics: first, discretization. It is not necessarily necessary to solve intelligent control problems with complex large systems. Local control functions are realized by discrete small systems. This method has high flexibility and pertinence; second, it is wireless. With the progress of technology, the reliability and anti-jamming capability of wireless transmission system will be improved rapidly, which can fully meet the requirements of use. Its greatest advantages are wiring-free, system increase and decrease and location adjustment is very convenient; third, integration. Lighting lamp is an integrated sensor, control switch integrated sensor and so on. Integrated devices will be an inevitable trend, which will create infinite possibilities for the diversity and complexity of intelligent control. Fourthly, humanization. Intelligent control system will be more humane, more friendly control experience, will enable ordinary people to easily use powerful intelligent control system, will be more foolish, without the help of instructions can easily grasp.——Office lighting

He further explained that "people-oriented must be the development trend of lighting design in the present and future. Lighting must pay attention to people's physical and mental feelings in the light environment, and strive to create a comfortable, healthy and efficient working environment and atmosphere for people." So a single functional lighting can not meet this requirement. We must use more lighting methods such as environmental lighting and key lighting to create a high-quality lighting environment for people.——Office lighting

"In the future, office lighting will continue to develop in the direction of intellectualization and humanization. People-oriented is not only a slogan, but also a core idea. All lighting methods and intelligent systems will be carried out around this theme. Satisfying people's various needs is the future trend of office lighting." Huang Bingzhong concluded.——Office lighting

In fact, as the leader of domestic lighting industry, Opel Lighting has long been aware of the needs of office crowds for lighting environment in different scenarios, and actively expands the layout in the field of intelligent office. Among them, China Ocean Maritime Building Project is a classic case. Looking forward to the future, OP Commercial Lighting Intelligent System Product Responsible Team has given a clear and powerful answer: "We will continue to provide users with high-quality lighting products and experience, with the maturity and popularization of control technology, we are also very willing to help users manage and balance natural light and artificial light, so as to make the office environment more pleasant and relaxing. At the same time, we also noticed that there are many specific classifications of office in broad sense, such as new trends of shared office, mobile office and some new requirements for illumination, and the composition and definition of functional areas of different users'offices are becoming more and more individualized. We will consider lighting applications in different areas, and even different functions of the same area for illumination requirements.——Office lighting


Compared with the traditional lighting mode, the intelligent lighting control system can not only optimize the lighting environment of office buildings, but also set the lighting of different scenes to make the user experience better, and meet the needs of environmental protection and energy saving. According to statistics, with the cooperation of intelligent lighting and controller, it can save about 50% of the power for the office. It is undeniable that there is still a big gap between domestic and Western understanding of office lighting. Influenced by consumer awareness, market environment, product prices, promotion and other factors, it has been in a slow development trend. It is believed that with the development of domestic intelligent lighting R&D and production technology and the increase of product promotion, the application of intelligent lighting in office field is expected to be popularized.——Office lighting