Tang Guoqing: LED Lighting Industry Five Opportunities And Five Challenges

- Jan 15, 2019-

At the end of every year, wu xiaobo and luo pang will come out to agitate respectively, the feeling says very good, feel again after reading be like "alternate treatment only itch".

Although I am not talented, but also familiar with some routines, not classic, but also practical.

This is for internal reference.

Opportunity to five

The government concerns the year.

This has certainly been the strongest year for corporate support.

Why don't you look at the policies?

What do you declare?

If you do not report or apply, it is your fault.

Reported, do not expect, what if there is?

(2) poverty alleviation.

The goal is to lift all the people out of poverty by 2020. There will surely be opportunities for road lighting, village lighting, plant factories, etc. in the construction of new rural areas. If you seize them, they will most likely be yours.

Landscape boutique year.

Urban lighting construction will expand, but will increase the requirements, because since hangzhou, xiamen, Qingdao, shenzhen, Shanghai all the way down the demonstration, at least have a new consensus: quality and classic is the most important!

The cultural and travel industry has deepened in the past four years.

The scope of the tourism lighting and night view project will be further expanded. The two development of the scenic spot will double the value of the project, which will not only make tourists have a sense of gain, but also increase new profits. Why not?

(5) smart city years.

The associated smart light poles and smart streetlights bear the brunt.

Remote control, multi-purpose;

5G, the first year of commercial use;

Probe, skynet, etc.

There is also an enormous blue sea, green building, energy-saving building, if can trigger, control lighting, dimming lighting, people-oriented lighting will flourish.

Challenge 5

Market competition is heating up.

Homophily is very serious, I have you also have, you have me also have, every family will do every family.

That requires the reliability of your brand, the reliability of your product.

Believe that even the so-called "oligopoly" economy cannot be an absolute monopoly, especially in the lighting industry.

(2) localization of dachang international.

OEM version of ODM is popular, with the advantages of patents, so that customers export no afterthought advantage.

The problem is that there are more than one or two international companies.

Price or collect patent fee, but in and became normal.

In this way, both domestic and international enterprises will have a hard time.

The real estate market is flat.

Large-scale land acquisition expansion has become a history, on demand order will become a kind of inertia.

Of alleged high-quality goods room roll out, it is the choice of illume actually not high-quality goods.

Big room company, the marriage of big illume company is imperative.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are also missing.

Large - scale home decoration lamp peak period, will come again?

Of course, the light is always there, the key is your "dish"?

(4) capital turnover tightening.

From the macro point of view, credit to enterprises will be further strengthened, but the gradual implementation is a gradual process.

Want to know, the bank is the best profit at present appear on the market company, always be "the icing on the cake", seldom "the timely help".

Pressure from the top is expected to benefit smes.

If the trade war is not successfully negotiated, it will have a great impact on market factors.

Double-digit growth aside, it is worth maintaining the pace.

If there is a truce, won't there be a "bottoming out"?

We've run out of stock. We should replenish it.

To cope with five

Take me as the main, mobilize micro vitality.

Existence is the hard truth, living is spell development.

At the beginning of the New Year, the new factory started construction and invested tens of millions of yuan.

Deep ploughing for spectrum, not into the back, not deep is weak, not strong is defeated.

Only innovators, only the progressive win, only the winner.

Chengdu hengkun optoelectronics, why "stand out from the crowd", welcomed by customers?

The reason: "give each beam a direction."

Set chain to, "cooperation itself is the chain."

Which link in the chain are you?

Is it irreplaceable?

Is it impregnable?

Stickiness or stickiness has always been a subject, and you have to know it.

It is honorable to do business by drinking, but it is equally valuable to do business by drinking tea.

(4) the boundary for the boundary, the New Year new breakthrough, a new starting point.

Can you let go of your thoughts?

Market segmentation, boundary effect.

Tmall, taobao so powerful, fight a lot of not also fly in the air?

To change for change, to change, there is always a suitable for you, you strategize, pragmatic.

Iteration for worry, LED did not go to the end, update on the curing?

Not necessarily.

Nanchang yellow green company's golden light, is a new light source, completely no blue light, this is not a miracle?

Street lights, landscape lights, are a great choice.

Three-dimensional CSP five - sided luminescence technology, is also a miracle, Japan and South Korea did not dry into the company, xiaolan small business but dry success.

Although semiconductor lighting is enough to make us feel gratified, mu linsen stands at a new commanding high point (more than 10 billion yuan), which proves that "the world sees China in lighting". What's more, we are not the leader in many LED related fields.

Do we have LED screens for movies?

Even though we have the largest and largest manufacturers in the world;

The 75-inch Micro display module is marketable. Do we have it?

Even though we have the largest chip plants in the world.

A brand new era, a brand new attitude.

The day falls big responsibility, heavy responsibilities far, we each LED person or must be in the combat condition, takes out the unprecedented explosive force, sinks down the heart, assiduous study, the pig year's auspicious and splendid is the struggle comes out!

Author: tang guoqing