Tang Guoqing: Ten Comments On LED New Year

- Jan 13, 2019-

Recently, Tang Guoqing, director of Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee of China Lighting Society, delivered a keynote speech on "New Year's Ten Treatises" at a conference.

Tang Guoqing, Director of Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee of China Lighting Society

Tang Guoqing synthesizes his own experience, summarizes 2018, looks forward to 2019, and summarizes the "New Year's Ten Theories":

1. Self-Confidence Theory: Do as you think. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and also the 15th anniversary of the development of semiconductor lighting. On the one hand, the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance won the first "Shichangxu New Materials Technology Award". On the other hand, China ushered in the first semiconductor lighting enterprise, Mulinsen, which exceeded 10 billion yuan. Therefore, the lighting industry has reason to be confident and proud.

2. Genetics: Do a good job. Genes (hereditary factors) support the basic structure and performance of life, and can develop healthily and orderly without deviating from the development of genes. The essence of their business is to discover demand, meet demand, create value and get returns. It is worth considering how to extend the lighting industry and maintain the sustainable development of the industry.

3. Stand fast: Do what you have to do. Only one thing can be done in a lifetime, just as Luchuang has been focusing on one direction for 59 years, and he will get some results.

4. Quantity theory: Look at it. At present, the whole category is more popular in the industry. Many enterprises are discussing the whole category. For many listed companies, the development of the whole category is a natural extension. How about the whole category? You have to try before you know.

5. Maintaining stability: Take small steps and run fast. In the era of stable industry growth, we need to think about how to achieve consumption upgrading? Where is the pain of the market? How to realize the value of enterprises? Of course, the development of enterprises must not rush forward, never make mistakes, should jump out of the original thinking, with 2019 as a new start.

6. The theory of hemostasis: do something with vitality. High-quality development means self-innovation and pioneering advancement, which is the right direction.

7. Buddhism: Do what you want to do. The heart is free from distractions, and the strength of one's own is praised. Do your best to do what you should do.

8. Cross-border theory: Be sentimental. Cross-border is a double-edged sword. The spirit of daring to cross-border is worthy of admiration. But what we learn is their spirit, not to follow it randomly.

9. Multidimensionalism: Expressive lifestyle. Lighting industry also needs "reform and opening up", breaking through traditional thinking, incorporating more innovative ideas, so that lighting is no longer simple.

10. Brand theory: How to compete without brand? Why do enterprises go abroad? It's no use shouting slogans. We should work steadfastly and be a state-owned brand, so that Chinese brands can go all over China and all over the world.