Technology Breakthrough, Yishan Lamp For The Development Of LED, The Successful Production Of Headlights.

- Nov 03, 2018-

As we all know, China is the largest new car market in the world at present. The car ownership scale is huge, and the development trend is mostly lightweight, intelligent and automation. In terms of automotive lamps, with the advantages of LED lighting in artistry and safety, halogen lamps and xenon lamps are being phased out. More and more high-end automobiles are equipped with LED lighting system. According to the data of GGII, China's LED automobile lighting market will reach 24.5 billion yuan in 2017, and GGII expects that China's LED automobile lighting market will reach 30.4 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 26% over the previous year.——LED Automobile lighting

Although the application of LED in automobile lighting is more and more popular, the technology of domestic automobile LED headlights (especially static LED headlights with far and near lens) is still in the hands of foreign and joint venture brands. Under the extremely monopolized market structure, coupled with the closed supply chain of the automobile factory, and the stricter standard requirements and higher technical threshold than general lighting, many domestic automobile enterprises are afraid of the LED headlamp lighting market.——LED Automobile lighting

In order to achieve long-term development, product upgrading and structural adjustment, Yishan Lights devotes itself to the research and matching of joint venture brands. It successfully develops headlamps for Geely Boyue Automobile and successfully produces them in large quantities. This is a turning point, a leap, a milestone for friendship, which marks the new stage of friendship car lights!——LED Automobile lighting

It is reported that in order to research and develop Boyue LED headlights, Yishan Automobile Lamp has continuously introduced technical talents and industry experts. It has set up a professional team of more than 20 people, and continuously increased the investment of automation facilities and equipment, painstakingly studied the light distribution scheme, consumed a lot of money, lasted two years, experienced more than 100 continuous tests and repeated tests. Especially for the Geely three-level road standard which is higher than the national standard, the problem has been successfully overcome and put into production. Now the daily production capacity can reach 800 sets, and the products can be matched smoothly and meet the needs of customers.——LED Automobile lighting

After two years of sharpening a sword, Yishan Car Lamp has broken through the technological fortress of foreign capital in this project, and realized the cost optimization and technical target.——LED Automobile lighting

Geely, friendship and good will achieve win-win results

The successful development of Yishan project has created a win-win situation for Geely cars and Yishan lights. For Geely, it can greatly save costs, while supporting the growth of national enterprises; for Friendship, it can enhance brand effect, truly demonstrate the strength of national brands, undertake more projects, realize product restructuring at home, and promote the transformation of Friendship to "high, fine and sharp" lamp. In the future, the more specialized, faster and better matching mode of Friendship Car Lights will further promote the cooperation between supply and demand, and truly achieve win-win situation!——LED Automobile lighting

Zhang Jianqiang, deputy vice president of Yishan headlamp technology, said that with the successful introduction of Boyue LED headlamp to the market, Yishan headlamp will grasp the situation and promote the successful experience internally. Because of its higher technical level, better safety performance and higher added value advantages, the development and production of LED headlamp will be Yishan vehicle. The future of lights!——LED Automobile lighting

In addition, Yishan Automobile Lamp recently devoted to the research and development of ADB Intelligent Headlamp, the first round of trial installation has been approved by the host plant! Innovation, transformation and improvement are the only way for Yishan to flourish!——LED Automobile lighting

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