Technology Flow Science LED Strobe: Your Home's LED Lights Should Be Selected?

- Apr 24, 2018-

    At the 3.15 party in 2017, a test broadcast by CCTV made the people of the country know the word “LED strobe”. Modern households use LED lighting products more and more frequently, from the living room, bedroom, bathroom to the study, there are always different types of LED lamps appear. Manufacturers are also happy to label LEDs with “no flicker,” “natural light,” and “eye protection.” But the quality of these products is uneven, and prices are far from one another.

    After another year of “3.15”, has your home’s LED light been replaced with “no flicker”? Tencent home reporter with questions to the Bulls love eye LED related technical personnel to verify. This technical flow article allows you to read the LED flash, and learn to buy anti-strobe LED lights.

    First of all, a concept of popular science: what is called "strobe"?

    From a professional point of view, "strobe" refers to the fluctuation of the electric light source's electric flux to a certain frequency, and the exact name of "no flicker" is "undetectable strobe." The human eye can generally perceive light flicker below 80 Hz, and human eyes can sense changes in light and shade at this time. In the CCTV broadcast test, a striped pattern was found on the screen of the mobile phone, which was caused by the strobe light.

    Strobe hazard is huge, must not be underestimated

    Do not underestimate the harm caused by lighting strobe. Strobe is closely related to neurological diseases such as migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue and discomfort. Severe problems can cause illusions to the human eye and cause accidents.

    Studies have shown that 3-70Hz low-frequency flicker light source may trigger photoepileptic epilepsy; 100Hz flicker light source is believed to cause headaches and migraines; for 120Hz frequency flicker light source may affect people's emotions, appear tired, anxiety and so on. The visual illusion caused by the strobe effect and the associated mechanical movements are very dangerous in industrial settings.

    As for photoepileptic epilepsy, there is also an extremely terrifying case: At the end of 1997, more than 700 children in Japan were sent to the hospital for seizures at the same time. The cause of this collective illness turned out to be the intensely flickering pictures of cartoons broadcast on television. .

    The harm caused by strobe light is huge, especially for the elderly and children in the home for a long time in a strobe light with severe LED lighting, which is more likely to cause discomfort. Therefore, understanding the stability of the light source at home and preventing the strobe light is directly related to the family's health problems. If you use poor quality LED lighting products at home, it will greatly increase health risks.

    How to solve the strobe issue?

    According to the test of professional media, the key to reducing the strobe light lies in the electric light source technology and drive technology. If LED products are driven by a constant, non-oscillating DC source, no flicker can be achieved. Currently LED products on the market need to consider factors such as cost, size, reliability, and efficiency. Manufacturers and industry experts are trying to find a strobe indicator that people can accept.

    What advantages does Xinghai LED anti-strobe light have? According to Xinghai LED related technical personnel, Xinghai LED anti-strobe light current fluctuations are relatively small, can reach less than 3%, or even less than 3%. According to actual tests, the strobe fluctuations of the Xinghai 28W column-shaped lamp is even zero, and it is in the leading position in the industry.

    The fluctuation within 3% is a watershed. Experts believe that the product within this data can achieve the effect of anti-stroboflash, which is not too harmful to the human body, and greater than 3% cannot achieve anti-stroboflash effect. Especially in indoor environments such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc., the average family will install a LED ceiling lamp as the main light source, so that long-term use, the hidden dangers and hazards of strobe can be imagined.

    For the anti-stroboflash appeal of LED products, Xinghai LED products are designed with anti-surge circuits and current smoothing technology, which can effectively suppress current and voltage fluctuations; at the same time, anti-strobo ICs are used to make current ripples. Small, tends to stability. In the selection of components and components, strict selection criteria of various devices are followed, and each device has sufficient safety margin to ensure that the IC fluctuates within 3% at 110 degrees; Xinghai's LED products pass double anti-stroboflash technology. This will make the entire power system more stable and effectively protect the eyesight and health of consumers.

    It is understood that Xinghai LED is the first company in the industry to publicize and promote the concept of anti-stroboflash technology, and it is also the standard anti-stroboflash technology in all products. In addition, Xinghai LED will soon launch the latest ceiling lamp products in March this year, this new product also comes standard with double anti-strobflash technology, with a small decline in light, long life characteristics, suitable for use in different scenarios such as the living room, bedroom, restaurant . In addition, Xinghai LED ceiling lamp uses a rigid PC mask, wear-resistant does not change color, light evenly translucent. Its fully sealed design prevents dust and mosquitoes from accumulating. The installation of the rotating card is easy to disassemble and it is very easy to clean. The personalization is reflected in functions and design.

    Scientific purchase of LED lamps, away from strobe hazards

    Said so many strobe hazards, in the end how should choose a suitable family LED lamps? Xinghai LED technicians remind consumers that they need to pay attention to the following aspects:

    First of all, to see if there is any formal 3C mark above the product manual. Second, look at the relevant parameters on the packaging and labels or instructions. Third, check the lights on site to see if the light is dazzling. From the perspective of eye safety, try to avoid strong glare, and buy lamps with a matte cover.

    As long as you pay attention to these issues, you can easily select a safe and healthy LED lamps to bring a comfortable and bright brilliance to your home life.

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