The 2009 Chi-Bang Advisory LED Market Analysis Conference Concluded Satisfactorily

- Dec 24, 2018-

On December 20, 2018, the 2009 Jibang Advisory LED Market Forward-looking Analysis Conference, jointly organized by Jibang Advisory's LED inside and China's LED Network, opened at JW Marriott Hotel in Jinmao Shenzhen. The meeting site was full of people and seats.——LED Christmas light

2009 Jibang Advisory LED Market Forward-looking Analysis Conference

The theme of this session is "the development trend of global and Chinese LED industry in 2019". All analysts and several senior practitioners of LED inside will conduct a comprehensive analysis on the issues of plant lighting/health lighting/ceramic packaging/UV, infrared/automotive LED/Micro LED, etc.——LED Christmas light

At the beginning of the meeting, Dong Yunyan, General Manager of Jibang Consulting Greater China Region, delivered an opening speech. He thanked all the participants, and then the speakers gave speeches. This paper summarizes the themes and main contents of each speaker's speeches in order to benefit the readers.——LED Christmas light

Dong Yunyan, General Manager of Jibang Consulting Greater China Region

Wang Fei: Analysis of LED Industry Pattern in the Age of Great Change

Chief Analyst Wang Fei

Firstly, he analyzed the impact of Sino-US trade frictions on LED industry, believing that Sino-US trade conflicts have more short-term impact than long-term impact, more downstream impact than upstream impact, and more psychological impact than actual impact; China's supply chain can absorb 25% of the additional cost, but the process of capacity clearance is accompanied by pain; Sino-US trade scale will be compressed, mainly because the demand of consumers will be restrained. Long-term tax burden will be borne by consumers.——LED Christmas light

Then, he analyzed the impact of deleveraging and the rise of domestic MOCVD on the LED chip industry: deleveraging restrained the ability of local governments to attract investment and subsidize, raised the threshold for the LED industry to enter; accelerated the complete withdrawal of the old capacity of market-oriented chip companies (Korean, Taiwan). At the same time, domestic MOCVD has great advantages. The rise of domestic MOCVD has structurally reduced the long-term profitability of the LED chip industry.——LED Christmas light

Finally, he analyzed the demand side of LED, and concluded that the replacement cycle of LED lighting is near the end, and the industry upgrading needs to be driven by innovation. Leading companies will speed up the introduction of innovative applications, the Blue Sea market has an opportunity to break out. For the demand side of 2019, he expressed cautious optimism that the basic demand may rebound after the disturbance factors are over.——LED Christmas light

Xie Zhiguo: Trends of Healthy Lighting Technology and Solutions of LED Devices

Xie Zhiguo, Vice General Manager of National Star Photoelectric White Light Device Business Department

In his speech, Dr. Xie Zhiguo first introduced the relationship between lighting and health. In recent years, scientists have found that light sources not only emit visible light to provide lighting, but also produce different bands of light, which cause damage to human skin, eyes and other tissues. In addition, light can also regulate the secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland through the third type of sensory cells (ipRGC), thereby adjusting the physiological rhythm of the human body. Light affects human health in varying degrees through visual and non-visual effects. Therefore, it is very necessary to achieve the true sense of healthy lighting. National Star optoelectronics conforms to the trend, launching Eyelove healthy lighting LED, leading the industry trend.——LED Christmas light

According to reports, Eyelove Health Lighting LED through the non-hazardous RG0 photo-biological safety certification, is committed to the essence of the spectrum to avoid blue light damage caused by ordinary light sources, reduce visual fatigue, improve visual comfort, and protect the eyes. It has DL series of natural light and EC series of healthy light.——LED Christmas light

Natural light DL series is full spectrum LED series. It uses healthy light formulation technology. The spectrum covers 400-780 nm band. It is closer to the solar spectrum and is conducive to regulating the circadian rhythm of human beings. Its typical color rendering index Ra (> 97), color fidelity index Rf (> 96), color saturation Rg 100, and the purple band is lower than the solar light source, which greatly reduces the damage of purple and low band blue light to the retina. It is a healthy and comfortable artificial sunlight.——LED Christmas light

Healthy light EC series is the de-shortwave blue light series LED. It uses special spectral allocation technology. The spectrum is close to the solar spectrum, but it filters the short-wave blue light (415-460 nm) which harms human eyes. It has higher visual comfort and is more conducive to eye health. Its color index Ra > 85 and light efficiency > 150 lm/W.——LED Christmas light

Eyelove provides reasonable solutions for healthy light environment in seven application areas: education, office, catering, sports, leisure, bathing and sleep, according to the living environment. At present, Eyelove has been widely promoted and applied in ShangChao, schools and other fields, and has gained wide acclaim. In October this year, the lamps and lanterns using Eyelove health lighting LED were awarded "health lighting products".——LED Christmas light

Yu Bin: Trend Analysis of China's LED Chip Packaging Industry in 2019

Yu Bin, Senior Analyst

In 2018, due to the global economic downturn and Sino-US trade frictions, the growth rate of China's LED industry is not as expected. LED inside estimates that China's LED chip market will be 17.1 billion yuan in 2018, up only 4% from the same period last year. Due to the continuous release of 2H17 new chip capacity and the slower growth of market demand than production capacity, chip prices continued to fall, manufacturers'inventories remained high, and crop momentum declined.——LED Christmas light

In terms of packaging, China's LED packaging market in 2018 was 69.7 billion yuan, up 6% year-on-year. High-end automotive, high-end backlighting and display were the main driving forces of market growth. Although the demand for lighting market was still growing, the decline in unit price led to the growth of market scale was not as expected.——LED Christmas light

Looking forward to 2019, the supply side, industry capacity will continue to increase, the problem of excess supply still exists; demand side, affected by Sino-US trade friction, is still not optimistic, Mini LED, health lighting and other new areas, is expected to become a new growth point in the market.——LED Christmas light

Liu Zhihua: The King Returns, Ceramic Packaging Returns to Outdoor Lighting

Liu Zhihua, Deputy Director of Crystal Energy Optoelectronics Market Department

Crystal Energy Photoelectricity focuses on the development and manufacture of high-power ceramic packaging LED and single-sided luminous CSP products. The mainstream products of ceramic packaging LED 2525/3535/5050/7070 and CSP LED 1717/1919/2121/2727 are mainly used in outdoor lighting and landscape lighting market. They are the largest producer of ceramic packaging LED and the largest shipment in China.——LED Christmas light

Compared with EMC scaffolds, ceramic scaffolds naturally have higher thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, UV resistance and high current resistance. In pursuit of product performance, Crystal can control product cost in the best state to meet customer needs.——LED Christmas light

Crystal photovoltaic products are mainly suitable for high-end lighting market demand, such as small angle light distribution, high illumination, high light efficiency, quality assurance for more than three years/five years.——LED Christmas light

Wu Yingjie: Market Trend Analysis of 2019 UV and Infrared Rays

Research Manager Wu Yingjie

According to the "2008 Ultraviolet LED Application Market Report - Curing, Medical Treatment and Sterilization" of the LED in Jibang Consulting Research Center, the market output value of UV LED increased to 223 million US dollars in 2017, and it is estimated that it will reach 124 million US dollars in 2022, with a compound growth rate of 33% in 2017-2022. In addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface sterilization, static water sterilization and mobile water sterilization will be the main growth momentum in the next five years (2018-2022).——LED Christmas light

At present, the external quantum efficiency EQE of UV-C LED is 1-4%, if it can reach 5%, the market demand can rise rapidly; if it can reach 10%, the market will become mature.——LED Christmas light

According to the observation of LED inside, a number of LED manufacturers have been actively developing UV-C LED products recently, including Crystal Electric, Lunda and Sanan, which will launch 275-285 nm UV-C LED products in 2018; Bioraytron, DOWA and Violumas will launch 265 nm UV-C LED; Nichia will also launch 280 nm UV-C LED products.——LED Christmas light

In addition, LG Innotek, Seoul Viosys, NIKKISO, Stanley, Hongli Zhihui's Bingyi Optoelectronics, Qingdao Jiesheng, Jufei Optoelectronics, Ziyue Technologies, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Guangbao Technologies and Yiguang Electronics are actively promoting UV-C products. In the future, the UV-C LED market will be polarized: some manufacturers will enter the general consumer market, while others will enter the high-end commercial/industrial market.——LED Christmas light

Kang Yuzhu: A Solution for Full Spectrum Plant Lighting LED

Samsung Electronics LED China Business Development Manager Kang Yuzhu

With the change of agricultural planting demand mode, plant lighting is also further evolving. The application of LED in plant lighting is more efficient, more reliable and easier to use. However, due to the high price, the penetration rate of LED in the general lighting market continues to decline. Based on this, a white-based full-spectrum LED solution can reduce the cost of lighting system and promote more balanced growth of plants.——LED Christmas light

According to reports, Samsung Electronics has launched a full spectrum plant lighting LED product, which is specially designed for optimum design of greenhouse and vertical farm. Based on the latest research on "broad spectrum theory" of plant lighting, it can provide the wide spectrum needed for plant lighting. It uses flip chip and advanced packaging structure and protective coating technology, which has high reliability and is conducive to the healthy growth of plants and the improvement of agricultural environment. And reduce the cost of lighting system.——LED Christmas light

In addition, Samsung can provide a full range of leading performance LED packaging devices and modules, medium to high power, white to monochrome, suitable for various plant lighting and various application environments. Combined with Samsung Intelligent Lighting Platform, systematic intelligent control of plant lighting becomes possible.——LED Christmas light

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