The Advantages Of A Combined Lamp

- Apr 16, 2018-

   LED industry is now rising and rising, and the innovation and development of lighting technology is also advancing with the times. Because of the many advantages of the LED lamp, it is deeply loved by the consumers and is the trend of the development of the society in the future. Today we are going to introduce a more common product, led, and what are the advantages of LED? Then follow the little editor to see it.——module cell beehive lamp

   With the rapid development of science and technology in the world, the innovation and development of LED lighting technology is also keeping pace with the times. Now we can see all kinds of lamps and lanterns everywhere. Today we are going to introduce a more common product, LED projector. What are the advantages of LED? And then look at the little editor.——module cell beehive lamp

brief introduction

    LED light lamp adopts high luminance import chip, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat and long life up to 50000H. It can be divided into two kinds, monochromatic and seven color color discoloration. It can aim at any direction and have structure without the influence of climate condition. Next, we mainly talk about the characteristics and advantages of LED, and I hope it will help you later.——module cell beehive lamp

Characteristics of LED light

   Using the LED light source comprehensive technology, according to the characteristics of LED semiconductor luminescence, the ingenious circuit design and unique lighting geometric appearance make the Led radio light save more than 80%, and it really achieves high efficiency and energy saving. The long service life can reach more than 50000 hours. It can be used well under all kinds of special environments, such as low temperature and high temperature. It solves the problem of low power and low brightness in the field of semiconductor electric light, and shows excellent super high brightness characteristics. No ballasts, no starter problems, perfect overflow, overvoltage, short circuit, temperature, surge protection, its lighting is brighter and more perfect than the 75W/400W/1000W metal halogen lamp.——module cell beehive lamp

   The common LED lights on the market are basically 1W high-power LED (each LED element will have a high light effect lens made from PMMA, its main function is two distribution of LED emitted light, that is, two optics), and a few companies are well handled because of the heat dissipation technology, and choose 3W or even higher power LED. It is suitable for lighting, building and other outdoor lighting in large occasions.——module cell beehive lamp

Advantages of LED light

    The lights are bright, monochromatic, light, soft, low power, long life and luminous time up to 50 thousand hours. Moreover, its LED projection lamp body is compact, easy to hide or install, it is not easy to damage, no heat radiation, and it is good for protecting the illuminated objects, and its application scope is very extensive. All the lamps and lanterns are attached with a scale plate to adjust the irradiation angle conveniently.——module cell beehive lamp

Installation instructions

    The projector lamp can be installed individually or combined with multiple lights to install above the pole above 20m to form a high pole lighting device. The device has the advantages of beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduced lampposts and occupied area. The biggest advantage is that the lighting function is strong. When the light is projected from the height, the space of the environment is high and the coverage is large, giving people a feeling similar to the daytime, so it has high lighting quality and visual effect. To meet the minimum safety performance requirements for outdoor use, the protection level of light emitting housing should be IP * 3 (open type). In order to improve the durable performance of the lamps and reduce the workload of maintenance, people pay more and more attention to the development of the closed type investment light with high cost of one-time investment. The protection grade of the shell is IP55.——module cell beehive lamp

    In order to further improve the light output ratio of the luminaire, the reflector tends to use the block reflector which is conducive to reducing the light source and the multi focus reflector to meet the special lighting requirements. The surface treatment of the reflector tends to use new materials and new processes to obtain more than 96% reflection ratio.——module cell beehive lamp


    In order to lighten the lamp weight and reduce the consumption of metal materials, the shell of the lamp will develop towards the plastic shell with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and anti-aging.——module cell beehive lamp

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