The American LED Company LSI Has Appointed Two Board Members

- Jan 30, 2019-

LED LSI Industries Inc. (LYTS) announced the appointment of Amy l. Hanson and James a. Clark to its board of directors effective January 23, 2019.

LSI also announced that James p. Sferra and Gary p. Kreider will retire from the board effective January 23, 2019.

Among them, Amy l. Hanson is a certified public accountant and chairman of the company's audit committee.

James a. Clark is President and CEO of the company.

Board chairman Bill O 'gara commented: "we are delighted to have Amy on the LSI board, especially given her experience in the retail industry.

Her retail perspective, leadership and financial expertise will serve the board well.

"" we are also pleased to have Jim Clark on the board, confident in his leadership and able to move LSI to a period of higher growth and profitability." "

The two members who have stepped down from the board are "veterans" of LSI. Among them is James p. Sferra, one of the founders of LSI.

Gary p. Kreider joined the LSI board in 2002 and served as chairman from November 2014 to August 2018.