The Application Place Of LED Cast Light

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, the building exterior illumination

The projection of an area of a building is nothing more than the use of a round head and a square-shaped light lamp with a controlled beam angle, which is completely consistent with the traditional concept of light fixtures. However, due to the small and thin led light source light, the development of linear projector lighting is undoubtedly a bright spot for LED lighting, because many buildings have no overhangs place to put the traditional cast light.

2. Landscape Lighting

Because the LED light is not like the traditional light source is more glass bubble shell, it can and city street furniture is a good organic combination. Can be in the city's leisure space such as path, staircase, deck, waterfront, gardening for lighting. For flowers or low shrubs, LEDs can be used as light sources for lighting. LED hidden lights will be particularly favored. The fixed end can be designed as a plug-and-pull type, which is convenient to adjust according to the height of plant growth.

3, logo and indicative lighting

A place where space is limited and guided, such as road surface separation display, staircase steps of the local lighting, emergency exit indicator lighting, you can use the surface brightness of the appropriate led projection lamp spontaneous light or embedded in the vertical wall of the lamp, such as the theater audience hall in the floor guide light or seat side of the light, And the guide lights on the floor of the shopping center. In addition, LED lights and neon compared to the light, because it is low pressure, there is no fragile glass, will not be due to the production of bending and increase the cost, it is worth in the logo design to promote the use.