The Area Of Acquisition, New Car Lighting Is Very Busy Recently

- Aug 06, 2018-

LED automotive lighting market good Laster actively expand China's capacity

LED auto lighting module maker Laster Tech announced recently that it will soon begin to expand its capacity in Wuhan's factory in China to meet the growing demand for existing and new customers.

China's SUV (Sports multi-function vehicle) manufacturer the Great Wall car and auto lamps manufacturer Hua domain vision technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and mawenige car light Co., Ltd. are the three largest customers of Laster, all of which provide new lighting module orders for Laster. Laster also received orders from a new customer, Beijing Sanli Lighting Co., Ltd. and will ship them in the fourth quarter of 2018.——LED Automobile lighting

Through the use of automation equipment, the development of new vehicle headlamp and fog lamp module, Laster production line upgrading.

Laster's combined income in June 2018 was NT $375.3 million ($12.3 million), up 24.15% from the previous quarter and 66.60% from the same period last year. In the second quarter of 2018, the total income reached 1 billion 24 million NTD, down 3.29% from the previous quarter, 36.23% compared to the same period, and the 1-6 month income of 2 billion 84 million NTD was 17.70%.——LED Automobile lighting

OSRAM Group signed a joint venture agreement with the mainland group.

The Osram Continental GmbH* joint venture was successfully concluded and an agreement was signed between Osram and Mainland Technologies. The 50% joint venture will focus on integrating the expertise of both Continental and OSRAM in lighting, optical control and electronics. After all necessary joint venture control approval is passed, the joint venture company will officially start in the second half of 2018.——LED Automobile lighting

The joint venture will be headquartered in Munich, but its global operations will ensure rapid development cycles with customers in their local areas. The product mix will be dominated by semiconductor-based lighting modules, such as LED modules for headlights and taillights, laser modules and light control units.——LED Automobile lighting

[note * this is the name of the German legal entity]

Magna International acquisition car LED Olsa

Magna International, one of the world's largest auto parts manufacturers, has announced that it has signed a purchase agreement with the Italy auto lighting maker OLSA S.p.A.. Magna mainly provides automotive body decoration and structure, power and visual technology, as well as seat system and vehicle solutions.——LED Automobile lighting

Just last month, the Canadian auto parts giant (Magna International) announced to cooperate with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. in order to develop, design and produce high quality electric vehicles in China. The Magna Lighting Department of Magna's international lighting business is responsible for producing LED headlights and taillights for automobiles.——LED Automobile lighting

The acquisition of OSLA will expand the company's lighting capabilities and give the company the strength to design and manufacture headlights, taillights and other lighting products in major areas of the world, according to Magna International. The transaction was carried out in cash on the basis of no debt, amounting to 230 million euros. The deal is expected to be completed shortly before the end of 2018, once it is approved by regulators and other standard conditions are met.——LED Automobile lighting

OLSA is headquartered in Turin, Italy, mainly for automotive manufacturers to provide lighting products. The company has about 2500 employees and operates in Italy, Poland, Brazil, China and Mexico. OLSA's customers include BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and FCA.——LED Automobile lighting

John OHara, the president of Magna International, said: "the acquisition will bring advanced technology to the company and further strengthen our unique and powerful combination of lighting products. Lighting has become one of the major growth areas of Magna International because of the increase in the integration of electronic products and the promotion of car makers to enhance their brand influence through vehicle modeling. "——LED Automobile lighting

In addition, after the acquisition is completed, Magna will have 11 manufacturing bases and 2 engineering centers in the world.——LED Automobile lighting

Varroc Lighting acquisition of Turkey auto company

On July 2, Varroc Lighting Systems, an outdoor lighting supplier, announced the acquisition of Sa-ba Automotive, a private company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The official news shows that the acquisition of Sa-ba Automotive is the sixth business move of Varroc Lighting Systems in the past 16 months, directly pushing the company to expand its global product portfolio and expand manufacturing and technology centers.——LED Automobile lighting

Varroc Lighting Systems did not disclose the terms of the takeover. Through the acquisition, Varroc Lighting also harvested the 10 thousand square meter manufacturing technology center near Istanbul, as well as a new factory in the construction of Bulgaria, GIM. The 20,000-square-meter Bulgarian plant will provide Varroc Lighting with scalable capacity to better serve European customers.——LED Automobile lighting

Varroc Lighting Systems said the acquisition will further expand the company's global business and provide customers with value and high quality lighting products and technologies. The Turkey market is developing, and entering this market will help companies expand services, serve the growing customer base and improve the company's production capacity in the small lighting field.——LED Automobile lighting

Audi A7 is equipped with HeLa intelligent lighting, driving more safely day and night.

According to foreign media reports, HELLA, together with Audi, the automaker, has developed eye-catching lighting technology for the new Audi A7 Sportback. The headlights used in this technology can be used as LED, matrix LED and high-definition matrix LED with laser beams. The system uses a new control unit to take care of all lighting functions. In addition, Audi and Hella developed the concept of interior lighting.——LED Automobile lighting

Hella's lighting technology has already been successful for Audi A8, and it will also provide the best road vision for the new Audi A7, and its anti glare long light function allows other road users to "lose color" from the beam to avoid glare. The precondition of the high-definition matrix LED with a laser beam is a reliable communication between the front camera, the sensor and the front headlight. Therefore, the HLA control unit will control the headlights and take charge of all the lighting functions, from low beam to high beam to wiping direction indicator and to control the welcome and send off the driver. As long as this controller is sufficient.——LED Automobile lighting

The development of the optical module of the LED headlamp for the MITSUBISHI motor

According to foreign media reports, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a compact optical module that can provide high-light output for LED headlamps. The core component developed is a special system, which combines the focus lens and the projection lens to achieve more efficient LED headlights.——LED Automobile lighting

Although the new system is only 20 millimeters high, it can reach the same height as a large projection lens with 40 to 60 millimeters. The module has a good light distribution, the car manufacturer has great flexibility in design, increases driving safety and comfort, and reduces energy consumption. The above functions together make the module an ideal solution for the next generation of intelligent mobile travel.——LED Automobile lighting

The headlamp optical system collects the light projected from the LED light source, forming a beam, which is suitable for low light with clear and dark cut-off lines. Traditional headlight systems use reflectors with coated mirrors, which are easy to cause reflection loss, low efficiency and occupy more space due to their large size. The MITSUBISHI motor has developed an optical module for LED headlights, which aims to prevent other drivers and pedestrians from dazzling by providing the driver with superior visibility in order to improve the safety of the night driving. The module has compact structure, high luminous efficiency, advanced precise beam control function, and provides flexibility for automobile manufacturers to design.——LED Automobile lighting

Modern Mo BIS has developed the first unfoggy headlights

According to foreign media reports, in June 25th, local time, modern morbis announced that it had successfully developed new materials for the global luminaire manufacturer to thoroughly solve the challenge of the light fogging, which had been applied to all its lamps and lanterns. The modern lamps and lanterns of each of the modern lamps have used new materials to lighten the lamp weight by 20%.——LED Automobile lighting

In order to fundamentally solve the problem of fogging in lamps, modern Mo BIS has worked with South Korean material supplier INITZ (SK chemical company) to develop a new material that will not discharge any gas within a year and a half. In the course of this project, Modern Mobius has successfully produced such imported materials locally and is now preparing to apply patents both at home and abroad.——LED Automobile lighting

Benefiting from LED headlights / fog light penetration, Liqing June and Q2 revenue are high

In June, the combined revenue of Li and Qing was 375 million yuan (NTD, the same below), the monthly increase of 24.15%, the annual increase of 66.6%, the cumulative second quarter revenue of 1 billion 24 million yuan, the annual growth of 36.23%, and the revenue of the first and 2 quarter of the same period of the same period. Cumulative revenue in the first half of the year was 2 billion 83 million yuan, an annual increase of 17.70%.——LED Automobile lighting

Li Qing said that the main customers, such as China vision technology, the Great Wall automobile, Wei Ruike and other major customers, continue to increase the strength of the LED car light module products. As a whole, the overall shipment will increase with the new car's LED traffic light from the advanced car to the general car.——LED Automobile lighting

The second quarter of Li and Qing continued to increase the progress of new and old products. The overall sales performance of the headlights and fog lamps in the second quarter of 2018 was still more obvious than the same period of last year. Although the short-term fear had a little influence on the operation performance, the benefit gradually appeared, the new and old product adjustment entered the end. Pick up.——LED Automobile lighting

100 billion optoelectronic products will be shipped in Q3 for LED automotive lighting products

It is reported that the LED package service provider has said that it has passed the authentication of the LED devices used by American and European auto makers on the internal and external lighting of cars, and will start shipping in the third quarter of 2018.——LED Automobile lighting

Robert Yeh, chairman of Billion Optoelectronics, said the share of LED automotive lighting revenue would rise from 5% in 2017 to more than 10% in 2018. In 2018, the proportion of LED lighting and backlighting will drop to 20%, while the proportion of invisible LED devices will increase to about 30%.——LED Automobile lighting

Yeh pointed out that LED automotive lighting and stealth LED devices, especially infrared (IR) sensors, will be the two major sources of business growth in 2018. In 2018, the capacity of LED lighting will expand by more than 30%, while the capacity of IR LED will expand by 20%.——LED Automobile lighting

Yeh says it is currently certifying its Mini LED backlighting technology for automotive displays and smartphones, and is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2018. With the support of the government, LED manufacturers in mainland China have expanded capacity and offered low price orders, which have had a negative impact on the hundreds of millions of photoelectrons. In order to avoid price competition with Chinese manufacturers, billion photoelectron will continue to turn to high value-added product lines.——LED Automobile lighting

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