The Changing Market And The Unchanged Mind

- Oct 24, 2018-

As an industry practitioner, it is obvious to feel the changes in the market this year, which brings anxiety, fear and anxiety to the industrial cluster of Guzhen. After the 2008 International Financial crisis, for the first time, people felt that business was not doing well, and the bustling customer order scene disappeared. This anxiety is accompanied by the rise of e-commerce channels, a variety of costs continue to rise, and customers are gradually diverted by various factors amplified. At this point, we have a profound feeling that this market, not the other market, in addition to the memory of the Simple Money-Making era, we need to face up to and face the reality. How to make the brand and market well under the new consumption environment? This newspaper here to share with you a case, may be able to bring you more about a better tomorrow inspiration and reverie.——LED lighting

New market data for misu lighting

In September 18th, misu M6+ terminal super profit system and autumn new product conference were held. The meeting was held at the Windham Hotel in Kunming with nearly 200 participants. The meeting brought together a large number of major households in the lighting industry. The meeting released the sales data of Misu's M6+ system landing activities in Kunming Mei Deng Duo Store. The 17-day activity lasted for more than 8.47 million single-store sales based on cash receipts. Misu's single-product sales exceeded 1.6 million. From the event planning to the introduction of M6+ system, such a short period of time to such a proud performance, the lighting industry is the most proud this year. One of the highlights. Also this year, the heavy fog and haze of the market, more than a touch of beautiful pure.——LED lighting

(misu M6+ terminal super profit system and autumn new product launches)

Dealers have something to say.

Missou invited the national distributors to observe the landing site of the event in Mei Dengduo, witnessed by their own eyes, so that many well-known distributors saw the other side of the current situation with the business difficulties faced by everyone, the customer line of swiping cards grew long, reporters interviewed on-site or later telephone communication with some Missou distributors.——LED lighting

Xu Guojun, general manager of Kunming Mei Deng,

I think the M6+ landing in Kunming is very good. The misu M6+ system is very helpful to our dealers.——LED lighting

Missou M6 + system is good for the management of intending customers, store operation system, the introduction of store five sense system and morning and evening meetings. It is very grounded and has the timeliness of landing.——LED lighting

Especially for this achievement, I am very satisfied, far beyond our original expectations, I believe that Missou M6 + on all terminal Missou dealers will bring positive impact and real competitiveness.——LED lighting

Missou M6 + is an all-round help and growth for distributors, it brings immeasurable value to distributors!——LED lighting

Chen Xiaobiao, general manager of Kunshan Jinyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.:

The event in Kunming was again shocked by the strong strength of the misu M6+ system.——LED lighting

Missou M6 + system is a process of continuous learning, growth and improvement, which greatly improves the skills and services of salespeople as well as store management. With the promotion of Missou M6 + system and the full cooperation of Missou marketing department and Kunming Mei Lantern multi-team, I think 8.47 million sales are inevitable!——LED lighting

We began to apply it in May, and the result is very good. I think in a bad environment, we should seize every opportunity to learn and grow up, and firmly stand out in their own direction. The emergence of Misu M6 + is a good opportunity.——LED lighting

Zhang Feng, general manager of Chongqing Ruifeng Lighting Co., Ltd.

Misu M6 + system is of great significance in the lighting industry. It solves the problem that the original enterprise only produces products to distributors. It really helps the entire business team to standardize its operation. It takes an important step. Its main role is in three standardizations.——LED lighting

First is the standardization of team training, before training a good guide, at least half a year, with Missou M6 + system, as long as 10 days and a half months to complete, and let the sales team fall in love with the brand.——LED lighting

Secondly, the standardization of the sales process has greatly improved the transaction rate, conversion rate, so that the transaction has a standardized process to follow.

Third, the standardization of channels, such as the performance of the channel decomposition, the standard operation of each channel can be achieved.

M6+ is not only a system, but also announces that the lighting industry has entered the era of standardization.——LED lighting

The origin of M6+ system

Focusing on dealer growth and profitability has always been the guiding principle of the Missou brand. As early as 2016, Missou executives realized that traditional sales methods have been unable to communicate effectively with emerging consumer groups, staying at the product level, price level of sales concerns, and can not match the positioning of high-end. How to make consumers' shopping experience more integrated? How to make consumers pay more attention to value rather than price? How to make the storefront operation of dealers more standardized, more standardized, more effective to adapt to regional consumption characteristics? These problems linger in the minds of misu management, and have been looking for breakthrough directions and breakthrough points. Missou Lighting Marketing Center General Manager Lin Shuyun told reporters that we have always wanted to do about the "Missou Day" terminal operating system, this day, including Missou terminal store within a day of all the rules of action. Now many dealers in the operation of high-end positioning brand, will encounter some confusion and confusion, how to sell? How to build a team? How do we develop peripheral channels? Wait. In 2017 we tamp the backstage team, because the establishment of the system, need to be supported by a strong backstage support team, otherwise it can not be sustainable. In this process, we have also hired well-known teachers in the industry to do training, found that the course is very exciting, but after the end disappeared invisible, unable to land, unable to copy the implementation.——LED lighting

Lin Shuyun, general manager of misu lighting Marketing Center

Solving the real problems of dealer partners, helping them to better improve sales, build a team, this in our previous research, the conclusion. Based on this, we refine the core content of M6 + super profit system, team building system, operation management system, gathering passenger channel system, sales transaction system, five senses experience system, after-sales service system, these six parts become the core of M6 + system. By Oct. 18, Missou M6+ had conducted four training sessions for national owners, store managers and gold medal guides. Nearly 300 qualified Missou lighting consultants had been trained and 9 days and 9 nights of closed training had been conducted. The skills and professional qualities of Missou sales system personnel had been upgraded from the basic to the skills, and the enthusiasm of dealers throughout the country had been gained. Pursuit. After the training, we did a 3-month follow-up tutoring, and found that most of the stores can land very well, sales also showed a linear increase stage. Mr. Lin laughed that we had planned to launch three phases this year, because by the end of the year, everyone had to do business and do sales, but at the strong request of dealers all over the country, we opened the last phase of this year's M6 + system training in October. Missou's system, there are many big stores, their own system is also sound, but through the M6 + system training, said that the M6 + system is more sound, more suitable for landing, but also more suitable for Missou sales.——LED lighting

Misu M6+ terminal super profit system Kunming Mei Deng customers landing queuing credit card scene

Misu M6+ terminal super profit system Kunming Mei Deng multi landing site

It is better to create your own draught than to chase the draught.

In recent years, the tuyere has become a hot word, and everyone is unusually more sensitive to the trend. This may be related to many wealth myths created by draught in recent years. Speaking of the view of the industry tuyere, Lin Shuyun talked about her own point of view, chasing tuyere, it is better to create their own tuyere. In recent years, Misu's strategy is more focused, in the field of copper lamps to do deep, do thoroughly, we found that we touched the consumer market is only a drop in the ocean, there is too much room to upgrade, blind pursuit of wind, Misu's strategy will be deviated, confused. The current single brand, according to the domestic consumer market, is enough to support several brands of over 5-6 billion. So there's a lot of room for us to be strong and help the existing Missou channel members grow rapidly. Innovation is not a breeze, not a new trend, but to bring industry, bring partners new ideas, new business models, new ways of making money. The strategic deviation will bring more uncertainties and risks to the partners, so Missou is more stable and firm in strategic positioning, so the brand should resist temptation and temptation. We hope to bring more value-sharing to channel partners in the field of all-copper lamps, Lin told reporters truthfully.——LED lighting

Forge ahead and never forget your original intention.

The theme of my speech at the dealer meeting last year was "Keep moving forward, keep your heart in mind." Based on the data of Pan-Home last year, we have predicted the market trend for 2018. So in 2017, Missou increased the construction of internal teams, introduced high-end talents one after another, and built a new organizational structure. In the second half of 2017, M6 + terminal super-profit system is officially launched, the beginning of 2018, training activities have begun. Facts also show that these infrastructure work has not been wasted, it helps the Misu channel system to withstand the impact of environmental decay, so that the Misu terminal in the regional market more competitive, so that the Misu channel system cohesion is stronger. Lin general introduction, the customer's eyes are bright, you pay for your partner how much, they all have an account in mind. In this year's more competitive situation, Missou's backstage team is still strengthening, although the cost is much, but the customer feels better sales, Missou's various help more thoughtful, more comprehensive and more systematic, this kind of pay is worth.——LED lighting

Lighting rivers and lakes are unpredictable, but there are always some brave people standing in the wind mouth, playing the sword and singing, aspiring in a thousand miles. In the course of the interview, the confidence, pride and cohesion of the Missou channel distributors in running Missou have deeply influenced the journalists. Admittedly, the lights of the rivers and lakes is business, Missou these years to undertake, pay, responsibility, to this business put on a strong chivalrous atmosphere. Also let the industry believe that there is no impassable winter, there is no hope of dawn.——LED lighting

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