The Chinese Team Won The First Gold Medal In The Asian Games.

- Sep 01, 2018-

On August 26, China won the first gold medal in the Asian Games by beating Taipei 2-0 in the Arena of Valor performance competition. This victory shows that the E-sports have been more widely concerned and accepted, which is the basis for a better development of E-sports in the future. The "E-Sports" event of the Asian Games is a performance event. The top three will win medals, but will not be included in the team medal list. By 2022 (4 years later), the Hangzhou Asian Games will officially become a competition event.——LED Display

E-sports, this is not only to hand, brain fast, but also fast hardware, and face the game scene display screen, refresh faster, so as not to "delay" the fighter. E-sports is recognized by the mainstream sports events, and it will be a huge market with unlimited potential for many peripheral industries, including LED display. The requirement of on-site display is no less than that of traditional stage performances, and even higher requirements are put forward for the display effect and creative scheme of LED display products. The competition is also inseparable from the LED display industry to provide the display screen, it is reported that the competition used by the high-end competitive display screen "black technology", from the Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Youda Optoelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. The company took the lead in introducing a number of integrated ultra-high refresh rate, high-resolution electronic sports display, to meet the top players speed game experience.——LED Display

Xiamen is the world's largest research and development base for touch-screen display; Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone in 2017 flat panel display industry output value of 122.3 billion yuan, in the national electronic information industry photoelectric display subdivision industry ranked first. Photoelectric display industry is the first 100 billion industrial chain in Xiamen, and also the first industry in Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone. As the leader of panel industry, Youda Photoelectric has a great influence in the world. According to some organizations, the scale of China's electric competition industry will exceed 88 billion yuan in 2018, and the market size of China's electric competition industry will reach 160 billion yuan in 2022. It also has to be said that calling the competition screen may be the blue ocean market that people need to enter. In the face of such a market with potential for development, what should we pay attention to when entering LED?——LED Display

Holistic visual experience

Surface displays have been particularly popular in the last two years. Compared with flat screens, large-scale inches, full-plane borderless, curved screens can expand the player's field of vision, but also bring a sense of surroundings, so players can experience more immersive game effects in the game. The optoelectronic display screen, which is launched by 240Hz, has the highest refresh rate of 25 inches. The fastest reaction time is only 1 milliseconds. This means that within 1 millisecond, a fast and smooth dynamic game image can be displayed, making the moving objects clearer and sharper. Full-plane borderless design creates unlimited visual enjoyment and immersive game experience for competitive players.——LED Display

Fluency and stability

A good performance display is a standard for game players to improve their skills. Electronic sports, war situation is changing rapidly, one second can decide the outcome. E-sports games require a high degree of fluency, no matter how fast the scene changes, to ensure that players can see a clear and distinct picture. The "League of heroes" competition often takes the first opportunity to release key skills. But a fast response, clear display, and can display the millisecond dynamic display, is a hardware weapon. " Fu Chunkun, general manager of Youda Optoelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., introduced that a professional electrician, on average, trains more than 12 hours a day. "If the picture is torn and Catton interferes for a long time, it will definitely affect the quality and mood of the training."——LED Display

Perfect fusion of VR/AR and 3D

Games, especially high-end electronic sports, are in great demand for equipment. They require a kind of immersive and experiential game scene, which requires the electronic sports screen to be combined with many of the hot virtual reality and augmented reality things, such as VR/AR and 3D, LED display in other areas of segmentation. There are many examples of integration with these technologies, and it is not difficult to apply them to LED.——LED Display

It is understood that in recent years, Youda optoelectronics has continued to invest in different areas of "non-consumer bulk standard goods", in the commercial, automotive, wearing, medical and other fields have been developed successfully, of which, the market share of on-board screens is the second in the world. In 2017, Youda Optoelectronics earned a 10-year high of NT $341.03 billion, or 3.6% a year, with a net operating profit of $39.14 billion, more than twice as much as in 2016. Fu Chunkun said that Youda, as the first group of Taiwan enterprises to settle in Xiamen, is actively exerting its "agglomeration effect" while seeking its own development. Since its establishment in Xiangan District, Xiamen City in 2006, it has driven dozens of LCD panel upstream and downstream supply chains, such as Junfeng Electronics, Delivery Precision, Sanhe Carton Factory and Shangda Die-Cutting Factory, to build factories in Xiamen, taking root and developing, forming a photoelectric industry chain. Next step, Youda Optoelectronics will take advantage of Xiamen to create hundreds of billions of photoelectric industry chain opportunities, through product iteration, intelligent production, expand new markets and other ways to complete industrial upgrading and enterprise transformation.——LED Display

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