The Closed-door Meeting Of The Nominating Members Of The 2009 Spring Festival And Aladdin Lamp Award Was Successfully Held In Beijing Station

- Mar 03, 2019-

On February 26, the first stop of the closed meeting of the nominating members of the Spring Festival and Aladdin Lamp Award, Beijing Station, was successfully held at the headquarters of Hausai Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The meeting brought together 20 members of the Aladdin Lamp Award Jury and 6 representatives of the current Lamp Award declaring units in North China to conduct cross-border dialogue among the top people in various fields, leading the thinking of the future development of the industry.

The meeting is divided into the first half nominating committee closed meeting and the second half declaring project road performance report meeting.

The meeting began with speeches by Dai Baolin, chairman of Hausai Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Zheng Yaqin, secretary-general of the Aladdin Lamp Award Organizing Committee.

Secretary-General Zheng Yaqin made a brief report on the overall work of the Secretariat of the Shendeng Award: According to the statistics of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the Shendeng Award, 413 units and individuals have planned or are declaring so far, and 663 declared projects (product 214, technology 227, design 137, project 85) have been received, of which 393 have passed the preliminary examination (product 114, technology 158, design 99, project 22). ) In addition, the Secretariat received 325 letters of recommendation from 75 teachers, including 14 cooperative agencies.

In the first half, the chairman, Guo Weiling, Professor of Photoelectronics Technology Laboratory of Beijing University of Technology, He Bingyun, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of Tianjin Lighting Society, Li Binghua, Vice-President of Xidi International Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Li Tienan, Professor of China Academy of Architectural Sciences, Mu Huaixin, Vice-Director of China Academy of Art-Institute of Architectural Arts, and Central Meiguang( Mou Hongyi, General Manager of Beijing Limited Company, Wang Jiyuan, Chairman of Henan Illumination Society, Xuhua, Chief Engineer of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University Architectural Design Research Institute Limited Company, Zhang Xin, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Luo Xueqing, General Manager of Guangdong Huaying Science and Technology Limited Company, Deputy Director, and Niu Ping, Director of Engineering Center of High Power Semiconductor Lighting Application Juan, Qu Guojun, Senior Lighting Designer of CCTV, Wang Zhengtao, Secretary-General of Beijing Lighting Society, Yuan Jingyu, Professor of Architecture and Art Design College of Hebei University of Technology, and Anlanpo, Secretary-General of New Energy Lighting Committee of China Lighting Society, Dai Baolin, Chairman of Halsey Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Gao, Full-time Vice-Chairman of China Lighting Society/Secretary of Party Committee Fei, Liu Hui, deputy researcher of China Academy of Metrological Sciences, Xie Hui, deputy general manager of Mingtai Investment Development Co., Ltd., Sun Jingshan, secretary-general of the Lighting Designer Working Committee of China Lighting Society, and other members of the jury communicated and exchanged on the current situation of the evaluation of the Divine Lamp Award, and carried out a phased layout of activities to interpret the core password of the Aladdin Divin

During the tea break, all the participants visited the headquarters of Halsey Company together.

Visit Halsey Headquarters Site

In the second half of the meeting, six applicants introduced their products, technologies and projects in depth one by one, confronted the professional comments of experts directly, and joined seamlessly with the evaluation of experts in various sub-fields.

Reporter: Zhang Hao, Design Director of Halsey Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Reporting Project: Xi'an Wanzhong International Nightscape Lighting Project

Director Zhang Hao demonstrates the lighting project from five perspectives: orientation, scheme, mode, effect and benefit, with pictures and videos.

Reporter: Zhou Mingxin, General Manager of Strategic Development Department of Huzhou Mingshuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Reporting Project: Application of Graphene Composite Heat Dissipating Coating Technology in High Power LED Lamps (Technology-Heat Dissipating Material)

Wind Talk Series Intelligent Street Lamp Heads (Product Category - Road and Tunnel Lighting Products)

Graphene Thermal LED Lamps (Products - Road and Tunnel Lighting Products)

Street Lamp Energy Management Project in Mudanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Engineering-Outdoor Functional Lighting)

General Manager Zhou Mingxin briefly introduced the technological innovation advantages and patent advantages of graphene composite material and LED lamp tube and intelligent lamp head, and analyzed the project effect and advantages of Mudanjiang Street Lamp Management Project. Several members of the jury expressed different opinions on the efficiency and practical application of graphene heat dissipation as an innovative technology.

Reporter: Fu Pioneer, General Manager of Zhejiang Erijie Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Reporting project: Star LED diffuse reflection multi-application intelligent courtyard lamp (product category - landscape lighting products)

General Manager Fu Pioneer introduced this intelligent courtyard lamp from four advantages and seven applications, and showed its intelligence with video pictures. The jury commented on its functional practicability, product advantages and lighting distribution.

Reporter: Zhao Jinlong, Deputy General Manager of Jilin Prospective Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Reporting project: Intellectual Island surrounding area and building lighting project (general contract for design and construction) (engineering - Architectural Landscape lighting)

Zhao Jinlong, deputy general manager, is divided into three parts: project overview, effect design and real-life photographs. This project introduces the surrounding areas of Intellectual Island and the project of building brightening. This project improves the night environment quality of Hongdao Economic Zone and even Qingdao City, improves the overall night landscape effect, increases the night highlights of North Bank City, and enhances the objective demand of urban competitiveness.

Reporter: Ye Changchun, General Manager of Indoor Lighting Department of Foshan Yinhe Lanjing Lighting Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

Reporting Project: Baroque Tube Lamp Series (Product Category - Commercial Lighting Products)

General Manager Ye Changchun introduced that this series of barrel lamps have the advantages of excellent material to create perfect texture lamps, non-glare interference, nano-coated reflectors, various lighting effects, magnetic absorption split structure design, etc., and demonstrated this series of products on the spot. The jury made suggestions on its light distribution curve, light efficiency and application scenarios.

Reporter: Liu Zhudong, General Manager of Building Lighting Department, Guangzhou Liangyi Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

Reporting items: LED waterproof cutting pattern projection lamp (product category - professional special lighting products)

RGBW (A) 4IN1 Dyeing Lamp (Product Category - Specialized Special Lighting Products)

General Manager Liu Zhudong introduced the size, internal structure and characteristics of the two products in detail, and demonstrated their performance effect with application cases. Among them, the energy efficiency of LED waterproof cutting pattern projection lamp is 40 lumens/watt, and RGBW (A) 4IN1 dyeing lamp has good color consistency, while the control of color separation angle, the effect is more delicate and has more possibilities. The jury made on-site comments on the products in the product exhibition area.

Group photo

So far, the closed-door meeting of the nominating members of the Spring Festival and Aladdin Lamp Award ended successfully in Beijing. More than 20 lighting industry experts and project representatives presented a splendid ideological feast for the Spring Festival.

Next stop - Shanghai Station, we meet at Shanghai Fortune Hotel on Feb. 28. See you!