The Commercialization Of Micro LED Depends On The Huge Amount Of Transfer Technology

- Mar 27, 2019-

It is reported that the commercialization of micro LED applications depends on when the bottleneck of mass transfer technology can be overcome, which is also the key technology for manufacturing micro LED displays.

The yield, luminous efficiency and cost of micro LED panel production depend almost entirely on the huge transfer technology. Compared with LCD panel, Micro LED panel has simpler manufacturing structure, higher luminous efficiency, higher resolution, stronger, more transparent and more flexible. Micro LED panel can be used for large size display, medium size automobile display, tablet computer and smart phone, and smart wearable devices with small size display.

Micro LED may initially be used for large-size displays because the manufacturing process of large-size displays is simpler than that of displays for smartphones and AR/VR with finer spacing of micro LED panels.

Sony has begun to produce high-cost large-scale micro-LED displays, and Samsung Electronics may launch a micro-LED TV by the end of 2019.

As for the micro LED supply chain, Asian manufacturers are expected to dominate the production of epitaxy wafers, chips, and TFT and Si backboards, while American and European manufacturers are making faster progress in mass transfer R&D.