The Company's Revenue Recovered In January, Ending A Three-month Recession

- Feb 17, 2019-

Revenue at LED chip maker chip electronics rose to nt $1.268 billion in January, ending three straight months of decline, but the annual decline was still 32.4 percent. Revenue remained under pressure in February as the number of working days fell.

Is affected by the traditional off-season, the year-end inventory, crystal electricity sales were weak in December last year, a recent one-month lows, revenue under the cargo in advance before January, monthly revenue return to growth, according to crystal electric, camp back 1 month rose to 1.268 billion yuan, month increase 6.56%, annual decreases by 32.4%, but compared with the past, but write down ten years in the same period time since low record, revenue performance is weak.

Under the haze of trade friction, the current LED industry visibility is not high, crystal power this year locked Mini LED backlight, display transformation, the benefits of volume remains to be seen.

However, jingcheng electronics divided its VCSEL OEM department into jingyu semiconductor last year, and successfully introduced huanyu-ky before the lunar New Year this year. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and jingcheng semiconductor will replace huanyu-ky with a 6-inch factory. As jingcheng mainly earns money to replace the labor cost, the stock price reaction is not as fierce as huanyu-ky.

The two parties agree to complete the equity settlement before march this year, and huanyu -KY does not rule out adding more shares into shares in the future.