The Eu Wants The Lights Back?Draft Regulations Or Industry Changes.

- Apr 28, 2018-

    According to LUX media, the eu draft rules have raised the possibility of returning to the days when "lighting fixtures + replaceable light sources" could be returned.

    According to this radical proposal, the lighting manufacturer will need to remove and replace the light source from the lamp by September 2020.

    Ecological design (Ecodesign) draft law regulation: "manufacturers and importers shall ensure that the laws and regulations within the scope of the light source and a separate control unit, end users can easily remove, and will not result in a permanent mechanical damage."

    "In the end user cannot easily be removed under the condition of light source and separate control device, manufacturers and importers shall ensure that product design need for qualified professionals can easily remove the light source and separate control device."

    These Suggestions, if adopted, will have a major impact on the production of lights.

    In recent years, as leds have dominated the market, manufacturers have integrated leds with light sources, often connected to the main body of a radiator or device.

Many lamps, especially those with higher protection levels, are fully sealed.

    A change to this new approach would be a major change for companies that have invested heavily in automation.

Moreover, the proposed timetable - just 28 months - is also expected to be challenged.

    It is also suggested that the use of tungsten halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps should be banned in 2020.

    The minimum efficiency of all light sources is 85 lumen/watt, and the maximum standby power is 0.5 watts, which will be effective.

    This is opposed by cinemas and live sites, which rely on the main source of light, such as HPL single-end tungsten filament lamps.

    According to previous law, this area has immunity.

    The Lighting designers' association has launched a campaign called Save Stage Lighting to combat these recommendations.