The European Union Has Amended Its Draft Ban On Tungsten Halogen Lamps To Exempt This Area

- Dec 03, 2018-

In April, a draft eu regulation banned the use of tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources by 2020.

The minimum efficiency requirement for all light sources is 85 lumens per watt and the maximum standby power supply is 0.5 watts.

After the draft regulation was issued, it was opposed by the theater lighting field, because the vast majority of theater lighting currently used could not meet the requirements of the new regulation.

Last month, the European commission issued a revised version of the law exempting large quantities of tungsten lamps currently used in live performances, freeing most cinema equipment from the ban.

Industry experts have warned theatres "not to be complacent" after the European Union backed down on new energy proposals.

Lighting designer Rob Halliday warned that the European commission would review the recommendations in about five to seven years, British media reported.

"I warned lighting designers not to be complacent.

What they have now is time to deal with this problem, because in the old time frame, it was two years, but now we actually have five to seven years.

He suggested theaters now start evaluating new equipment they will need to buy in the future and develop a fundraising plan.

"I think what the lighting industry needs to do, more broadly, is try to meet the regulatory requirements, try to achieve them, and to do that, you need money," he said. "seven years can't stand still because the European Union has given time."