The First Patent Licensing Agreement Of Nitride Red Phosphor Between Yujingguang And NIMS In Mainland China

- Feb 15, 2019-

Beijing Yuji Core Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (Yuji Core Optical Technology Co., Ltd.) recently signed a patent licensing agreement with the National Institute for Material Science (NIMS) of Japan for the application of nitride red phosphor (1113 system S/CASN red powder). NIMS officially announced the news on its official website on February 1, 2019. Yuji Core Light is licensed by NIMS to develop and manufacture LED light source products using 1113 system nitride red powder. Based on the strategic cooperative relationship between Yuji Science and Technology and Mitsubishi Chemistry in S/CASN system, Yuji fully supports NIMS. Yuji Core Light, a professional manufacturer of LED light sources, is the first LED packaging company in mainland China to sign the agreement with NIMS. In addition, four other enterprises in Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions have also announced the signing of the contract.

NIMS announced on October 1, 2018 that it would change the original S/CASN patent licensing model for red powder. In the past, the two authorizations of phosphor manufacturing and application were granted to specific phosphor enterprises at the same time, and then the application patent was granted to packaging enterprises by phosphor manufacturing enterprises. The mode of authorizing phosphor manufacturing enterprises and packaging enterprises separately was changed, as shown in the figure below.

The implementation of this method will have a positive impact on the standard use of patented S/CASN red powder for packaging device manufacturing in mainland China.