The First Twin Engineering Company In Anhui Is Going To Do Things At Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition.

- Aug 22, 2018-

Yes, as you can see in the title, Anhui Puzhao Lighting Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., the first lighting engineering company with double-A qualification in Anhui Province, will bring their classic cases to the Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition.——LED Building lighting

In this Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition, they will share with the industry in Shandong Shandong Donga County "Shandong Donga Ejiao Ten Billion Ejiao Project", the lighting design unit of the project is the industry's well-known Leos Lighting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the main designer is Huang Peng, and the lighting construction unit is Anhui general illumination. Environmental Engineering Company Limited.——LED Building lighting

What will happen when the industry is famous for colliding with the first twin engineering company in Anhui?

First of all, let's take a look at the real picture of the project to be displayed at the Shanghai international landscape lighting exhibition.——LED Building lighting

It's a long way.


And that's the way it is.

Seeing here, you must be very curious about the design and construction techniques used in the project. Don't worry, and let me uncover this mysterious veil.——LED Building lighting

The design of Shandong Donga Ejiao Ten Billion Ejiao Project starts from three aspects: enterprise culture, historical inheritance and local characteristics of Donga Ejiao Group, and combines the concept of building water and stone, remoulds Ejiao's strong cultural heritage and pioneering and innovative enterprise culture through soft lighting effect. In the construction process, the LED wall-washing lamps and lanterns of the Grand Canyon are selected firstly, and the glare removal method with polarized light configuration is adopted. At the same time, in the later construction, the glare removal method along the road side is further carried out by using the deep anti-glare cover plate, and the glare-free lighting effect at all angles is finally solved.——LED Building lighting

Project effect map

Project hand drawing

In the overall control method, the lamps and control systems with IDM feedback function are adopted to realize real-time interactive transmission and real-time operation status feedback, which is different from the traditional single-path transmission, reception and operation of the signal management method, the real-time operation of each luminaire detection and query, effective. Ensure the stable operation of lighting effect.——LED Building lighting

After reading the introduction, Xiaobian said that he was looking forward to seeing them at the Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition. This must be a project with sustainable urban development and advanced design concepts.——LED Building lighting

Then, Anhui Pu Zhao Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is ready.

9.3-9.5, Shanghai New International Expo Center. We are all there.

Are you ready to come?

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