The Latest Research! What Did Buddha, Otto And Aoyang Shunchang Share?

- Feb 26, 2019-

Recently, foshan lighting, aoyang shunchang and aotuo electronics, which are related to the LED industry, have been investigated by institutions. The three companies respectively introduced and Shared the development situation of their respective fields and companies.

Foshan lighting's sales revenue of LED car lighting in 2018 doubled year-on-year

According to huang yufen and Yang hui, secretary general of foshan lighting, the company's product structure will continue to adjust in 2018.

The sales income of lamps and lanterns is increased while the light source products are reduced.

The sales revenue of smart products has achieved a major breakthrough, with more than 14 million yuan of sales revenue.

In terms of sales channels, domestic sales are dominated by distribution and wholesale channels, followed by franchised stores, engineering channels and e-commerce channels.

Car lighting market development are thriving, about the car lighting development situation of foshan lighting, chairman secretary, said in 2018, the company continues to increase its spending associated with LED automotive lighting, attract high-end technical talents, to introduce two new automated production line, the other to undertake the 18 new LED module series, on the basis of the original stable customer, successfully entered the saic, jiangling ford and geely purchasing system.

Sales revenue of LED auto lighting business doubled year on year.

Aoyang shunchang will extend its development to the display field in the future

The secretary of the board and the participants answered the investors' questions.

In 2018, the LED chip market as a whole saw a sustained decline in prices, they said, chip prices continued to fall on the company has a more adverse impact.

Although the company's chip production and sales rate continues to maintain a high level, but due to the sharp decline in prices, profitability has also shown a sharp decline.

In the technology and research and development of LED industry, aoyang shunchang focuses on the largest lighting market and has become one of the top three suppliers of LED chip industry.

In the future, while adhering to the product line focusing on lighting, we will extend to the display field appropriately to enrich the company's product line width.

In addition, on the basis of in-depth strategic cooperation with mullinsen, the company will continue to develop some high-end customers at home and abroad and gradually supply.

Alto electronic LED display and other market expansion, Mini LED products have been able to mass production

According to the ministry of commerce, Chinese companies have won the battle against the LED display unit over the 337 investigation.

Recently, the continent bright science and technology, ao tuo electron wait for the display enterprise to announce the result of this item in succession, all say not to cause direct loss.

Recently, Mr. Kong dejian, secretary of the board of directors of oto electronics co., LTD., Shared the layout of LED display screen and Mini LED in the investigation of the company.

According to kong dejian, the company's strategy has changed from "small and beautiful" at the beginning of the company's development to "big and strong".

At present, the company takes "intelligent +" strategy as the core, and actively carries out technological innovation and market expansion in LED display, LED landscape lighting, bank information comprehensive release system, intelligent bank solutions, bank intelligent service robot and O2O operation platform of public sports venues and other business fields.

In addition, the company in the Mini LED related areas as early as three years ago has begun to layout.

At present, the company has applied for Mini LED patents in more than 30 countries around the world.

At the same time, the company's relevant Mini LED display products have been able to mass production, the company will continue to maintain a competitive edge in the field of LED high-density in the future.