The LED Filament Lamp Is Not Only The Price Reduction But Also The Bottleneck Needs To Break Through.

- Apr 18, 2018-

   Is the price cut a killer or a lifesaver?What is the future of LED filament lamp market?Or will it be buried soon?It seems to be a mystery.

    With the whole industry in the red sea, it means that the transformation of LED lighting products is more than simple technology upgrading, expanding market size and model innovation.

    On the afternoon of April 26, the "2016 high-tech LED national tour", jointly organized by the high-tech LED industry research institute (GGII) and the excitation measurement test, was launched on schedule.Dazzle roundtable dialogue in the link to realize the photoelectric chairman Zhao Yutao, Ming, general manager of microelectronics Li Zhaohua, RuiDi senior technology consultant professor yan shigemitsu, hong photoelectric product manager JiaoQi, Hank Sam Fu Liming, wood             Tomlinson shares assistant general manager, general manager of BaoRongHua, stars sulincy Lin Feng, excitation test detection, a deputy general manager, deputy general manager chang hung eight speakers around the filament lamp cost down space have how old?Where is the performance improvement and bottleneck of filament lamp?Two issues were hotly debated.

    According to the GGII survey, the total demand for LED filament lamps in 2015 has exceeded 100 million, and it is increasing rapidly at more than 35 percent annually.Some people in the industry think that "LED lights will probably be on the LED lights in 2016."

    In fact, there are many people who have targeted this market and started to take advantage of the price advantage to seize the market.

    The professor thinks, the filament lamp is very hot now, the cost of filament must come down.

Jiao also said that the cost of filament lamps will be reduced by 20% to 30%.

    According to GGII data, the price of LED filament lamps will fall steadily in the next few years, with prices falling within 20%.With the increasing demand of LED filament lamps, the production automation level is improved, and the market is entering a benign and stable growth.The price of LED filament lamps is expected to stabilize in 2019.

Since so many people are stressing about lowering the price, what can LED companies do to reduce the cost of filament lamps?

    Zhao said automation equipment can reduce the production cost of filament lamps by 30 percent.

    It is understood that the fully automatic production equipment of LED lighting lamps in China has been developed and cultivated for many years, and it has already met the market demand initially.Up to now, there are no fewer than 10 LED lighting enterprises in China to introduce LED automation production equipment.

With the increasing number of LED automation equipment enterprises, the competitiveness is gradually highlighted, and the automatic production line of LED filament lamps needs to be constantly upgraded and upgraded.

    At present, the LED lamp filament production to packaging system combined with sealing ribbon cable, need across the glass bubble row, inflatable sealing technology and filament spot welding technology threshold of two core technology, automation degree is low, the finished product yield is relatively low.

According to GGII statistics, in 2015, China's LED filament lamp production (half) was only 15% automatic, with a comprehensive yield of 90%.It is expected that the production automation of LED filament lamps will increase rapidly to 50% in 2017, and the comprehensive yield is over 95%.

    According to li, IC is destined to become a very important thing in the future.This year, Ming microelectronics is very optimistic about the filament lamp market.

Ming microelectronics for linear constant current LED filament light launched a series of solutions, this also with Ming micro has always been valued linear constant current drive power supply application circuit is simple and no inductors, transformers, the properties of the electrolytic capacitor, because it is more suitable for saving artificial industrial automation production advantage.

    There are also strong calls for companies to be rational about price.

    In fact, LED filament lamps want to keep the market hot all the time, not only the price reduction, but also the performance of products need to be guaranteed.

The company should focus on improving product quality and product performance to avoid disorderly price competition, he said.

Mr. Bao also said that because of higher profits, more people were involved and competition was increasing.In the future, we hope that LED manufacturers can return to rational competition.

    Despite the increasing competition in the market, for LED filament lamps, the potential future development potential is still considerable.What LED enterprises need to do is to continuously improve product performance, ensure product quality, break the bottleneck of filament lamp, and put the market in a benign development state.