The Performance And Characteristics Of Lighting Fixtures.

- Apr 24, 2018-

    When lighting design, it is necessary to select the lighting fixture suitable for each space.

    However, there are various types of lighting appliances, and their performance and characteristics are different. To understand this, it is the first step to choose lighting appliances.

    The types of lighting appliances used in general housing are as follows:

The chandeliers

Features: 1) decorative lighting appliances;

2) the use of representative actions is used in the high ceiling of the interior space;

3) the light source will use the krypton bulb dedicated to the chandelier, which can emit the type of flashing light, and it is not suitable for the fluorescent lamp with the whole surface to be used.

Note: 1) most of them have considerable volume and weight;

2) installation methods are divided into two simple types, which are directly mounted on the ceiling and used by ceiling hooks.

    If the appliance is too heavy, it must strengthen the structure of the ceiling.

Floor lamp

Features: 1) decorative lighting appliances;

2) the size and shape are rich in style, and the way the light source diffuses will change with the height and the design of the lampshade.

3) the lampshade is divided into the type of light transmission, and the type that covers the light and only produces light up and down;

4) most of the plugs are attached, and the installation and movement are very simple without any additional power.

Note: when lighting a project, you must pay attention to whether there is an outlet near the setting.

Absorb dome light

Features: 1) directly mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the whole indoor lighting;

2) many homes use it as the main illumination;

3) most of the light sources use annular fluorescent lamps, plus acrylic lampshades to diffuse the light;

4) use the switch or remote control on the wall to control the lamp.

The type of remote control may have a non-stage or periodic dimmer.

Note: the ceiling hook must be confirmed to be compatible with the bottom of the lighting fixture according to the manufacturer's catalog.

(installation form: square ceiling hook, round ceiling hook, round full ceiling hook, full wall flower holder, hanging type flower seat, hanging ceiling with bare flowers)


Features: 1) lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling with cables or chains;

2) there are various sizes and shapes, and the styles of lampshades are very diverse;

3) the installation method shall be the mainstream of the ceiling hook that does not require power engineering. Some must be installed directly to the ceiling or used as a guide rail.

Note: 1) the weight of the lamp must be placed in the place where the ceiling hook is used;

2) when using the cable, the weight of the lamp will be supported in the future.

3) when using the lighting guide, the system of power supply and switch is located on the guide rail, and it is necessary to confirm whether the lighting fixture is compatible.

Outdoor lighting

Features: 1) doorpost lamp, tube lamp, spotlights, courtyard lamp, lamps and lanterns;

2) rain-proof lighting fixtures are commonly used;

3) with the residence, we can use the lighting appliances of professional sensors to provide the function of night security protection;

4) when designing, it is necessary to take into account the visual display and the security guard lamp function.

Note: 1) even if it is rain-proof, it cannot be used in places where it is possible to be flooded, and the lighting fixtures and riveting lamps embedded in the ground should be avoided in low-lying areas.

2) the outdoor appliances should be treated with drainage and confirmed in advance during construction.

Wall lamp

Features: 1) lighting fixture on the wall;

2) used as auxiliary lighting, corridor or stairway lighting, indirect lighting, etc.

Note: in order to avoid in the corridor and stair is to light, or moving things encountered, in addition to confirm lighting appliance itself size of length, width, also must confirm the location of the height and depth.


Features: 1) lamps used to illuminate feet;

The house is used mostly as a scene light and night light;

2) sensors are installed in the bedroom and corridor to automatically control the switch;

Some can take off the glowing parts and use them in an emergency.

Note: 1) general assembly height is 250~300mm above ground;

2) the construction is usually carried out with a single or double switch;

3) most outdoor occasions will be buried in concrete with special boxes, and different lighting specifications will be different.

4) in the case of outdoor concrete, it is sometimes buried in the box at the beginning of construction.

It is more troublesome to change later, which must be noted.

Canister light

Features: 1) lighting fixtures buried in the ceiling;

2) fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, all kinds of light sources can be selected;

3) overall lighting, local lighting, krypton adjusting illumination Angle, washing wall lamp, etc., can choose the necessary types according to different USES.

Note: 1) for residential use, most are compatible with E26 or E17 lamp holders.

If the shape of the lamp is small, it will be marked with E17, which is generally divided into two types: vertical installation and horizontal installation.

2) must cooperate with ceiling memory space and ceiling insulation construction to select proper lamps;

3) the insulation of the ceiling construction way and the corresponding canister light: (1) filling method: SB type (2) insulation pad can SB type (3) thermal resistance under 6.6 ㎡, K/W insulation pad method: SGI type (4) thermal resistance under 4.6 ㎡, K/W insulation pad method: SG type.

Projection lamp

Features: 1) to focus on a part of the room;

2) it is divided into the bolt type on the guide rail (line slot) and the flange type directly mounted on the fire wall of the ceiling;

3) after construction, the bolt can easily adjust the quantity and position;

4) the flanges are nice and clean.

Note: if the same lighting guide installed a lot of type bolt projection lamp, general housing the height of the ceiling will make lighting appliance is quite prominent, had better be 1000 mm guide installed at most 2 ~ 3.