The Performance Of The Stroboscopic Effect Of The Electro-optic Source

- Jul 18, 2018-

(1) cause injury accident

When the stroboscopic frequency of the electro-optic source and the velocity of the moving object become integral multiple, the motion state of the moving object will produce static, reverse, slow motion speed, and the wrong vision of the three periodic repetitions of the above states, causing industrial accidents. For example, the sewing machine operator in the garment industry misunderstands the needles moving up and down at high speed.

(2) low production efficiency

Stroboscopic effect can cause visual nerve fatigue and migraine. In particular, high-pressure mercury (sodium) lamps and metal halide lamps have been widely used in the machinery industry. T8 (26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamps are widely used in light industry, food, printing, electronics and textile industries. The effect of stroboscopic effect is serious, resulting in low productivity. For example, the plug-in operator on the pipeline is prone to migraine due to visual fatigue and dizziness, resulting in difficulties in positioning.

(3) injure the eyes of a teenager

After 80s, T8 (26mm) direct fluorescent lamps driven by inductive ballasts are widely used in families, schools, libraries and so on. Due to the serious harm of lighting environment strobe effect, the growth of primary and secondary school students suffer greatly, the eyesight decreases obviously, and myopia increases significantly.