The Price Came Out In June: The Lighting Market Is Weak, And The European Filament Lamp Market Is Fiercely Competitive.

- Jul 12, 2018-

The latest price report of the LED Research Center (LEDinside) pointed out that in June 2018, the mainstream packaging product prices in the Chinese market remained stable.——Filament lamp

Wang Ting, an analyst at LEDinside, said the overall price of the LED package prices remained stable in June, but the demand for the lighting market remained unchanged as the price of LED packaged products continued to decrease from the first to the second quarter.

Due to the weakness of lighting and backlight market, most manufacturers are turning to niche based and high-tech threshold market transformation, and the vehicle and special lighting market is also a new blue ocean. For example, car market, in 2017, the top three sales of LED packaging in China's market are still OSRAM, Lumileds and Japan Asia chemistry. In addition to international manufacturers, China's Taiwan region manufacturers are also more active in the layout of Hong Li, Chinese mainland manufacturers, Hongli and crystal energy.——Filament lamp

In terms of the overall revenue situation, the international front-line manufacturers are still mainly in the pre installed market, and the Taiwan manufacturers in China and the mainland Chinese manufacturers are gradually raising the revenue scale by the after sale and reloading service market, and borrowing the product sales performance to enter the taillight and other pre installed markets.——Filament lamp

The price of LED bulbs has dropped slightly, and the market of European filament lamps has been fiercely competitive.

In terms of global LED bulb prices, the retail average of LED bulbs that replaced the 40W incandescent lamp in June declined by 0.1% to $6.3, and the LED bulb, which replaced the 60W incandescent lamp, dropped by 0.6% to $7.5.——Filament lamp

From the regional perspective, the market competition of filament lamps in Europe is still fierce. The average price of LED bulbs that replaced 40W and 60W incandescent lamps in Germany was 0.5% and 3.4% respectively. Brand manufacturers included OSRAM, PHILPS, Sylvania, M u ller and so on to increase the market rate.——Filament lamp

As for the Asian region, the recent exchange rate changes, product prices declined, South Korea, Japan and China's mainland products prices are showing a decline of about 0.5%-2%.——Filament lamp