The Relationship Between Interior Design And Lighting

- Jun 26, 2018-

The significance of architecture lies in providing functions for human use and activities. ( LED Decorative Light)




And the significance of interior design:


First of all, more careful functional planning and design are carried out in the building space to make people's use and activities more comfortable and convenient. ( LED Decorative Light)


The second part lies in endowing images other than space functions, including the overall visual impression formed by all elements such as the top surface, facade, ground, furniture and furnishings of the space. ( LED Decorative Light)


In summary, the first is the Function organization and the second is the Vision Image Design.

Functional design is fundamental, is the starting point of visual image design, but the visual image design and limited to the function, on the one hand, the function of the visual image design itself may contain a certain expression, but thanks to the region, culture, building space age, the different users even designers, to meet the basic function, visual image design will appear different possible, present different face. ( LED Decorative Light)


About interior design has a variety of different, such as interior decoration design, or interior decoration design, there are also called indoor display design, personally, I think the name is not comprehensive.

Also appeared in the west "less is more", "adornment is evil" wait for a statement, so some people think indoor need not design. ( LED Decorative Light)

In my opinion, adolf luce, who proposed "Ornament is Crime", may attack the decoration attached to space purely for the sake of empty beauty. ( LED Decorative Light)



If objectively look at Interior Decoration, Interior Decoration) the development of history, in the west, the original Interior design services mainly in court nobles and the church, and mainly Decoration and art painting and art design, or required to satisfy the luxury of royal life, or for the Interior Decoration of the church. ( LED Decorative Light)