The Second Member Congress Of The Anhui Illuminating Society And The General Meeting Of The Council And The 2018 Anhui Lighting Forum Closed Successfully.

- Jul 13, 2018-

In July 5th, the Anhui lighting Society held the second session of the member's Congress and the Council meeting of the Swan Lake Hotel in Hefei, and held the academic exchange meeting of "the 2018 Anhui Lighting Forum city lighting and lighting city". Bing Shukui, director of Anhui provincial Civil Affairs Department, director of China Lighting society, director of lighting designer Committee of China Lighting Society (Chinese Academy of Architectural Science Research) Li Tienan, Secretary General Cha Shixiang of national senior lighting designer, Secretary General Ren Weigong of Hunan lighting society, Aladdin, Secretary General Zheng Yaqin And more than 400 guests and members of the lighting management unit in the province attended the meeting. The members' Congress is presided over by Huo Jianjun and Pan Jinghua, vice president of the Institute.

The Anhui illuminating society holds the second member congress and the Council's general meeting.

The main agenda of the Membership Conference in the morning is to consider the first session and financial reports of the first session of the Council; two is the revised draft of the association of articles of association and the standard of collecting fees; three is the election to produce the new one, the supervisor, the director, the Deputy director and the Secretary General; and the four is to commend the first council's advanced group and the advanced one. People.

After the election, the list of leaders of the Second Council of Anhui lighting society is as follows: Director Feng Wei (president of Anhui Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute); deputy director and Secretary General Huo Jianjun (vice president of Hefei architecture and Municipal Engineering Design Institute Limited); deputy director general: Liu Wen (advanced technology of University of Science and Technology of China) Gao Song (president of Anhui Institute of architectural design and Research), Jiang Ye Qing (secretary of the Party committee of urban and rural planning and Design Research Institute in Anhui), Pan Jinghua (Chairman of Hefei Connecticut Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.), Zhang Yunhai (the chief architect of the Institute of Architecture Design Research Institute of HeFei University of Technology), and Chen Qiwei (first set up of the machinery industry) Ma Jinzhu, Secretary of the research institute party committee, and vice chairman of Hefei Luqiao monitoring center, Xu Bin (Chairman of Anhui Anhui Xinhui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.). The General Assembly elected He Bin, the director of the lighting branch of the Hefei Institute of architectural and municipal engineering design, Tao Chenqing, and Zhang Xiao (general manager of the Anhui Pulos Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.) as a member of the board of supervisors.

The Second Council also appointed Xu Lixin (associate professor and doctor of physics of University of Science & Technology China, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of optoelectronic technology and science of Anhui), Wan Li (assistant dean of the Institute of architectural design and research of HeFei University of Technology), Chen Jie (Dean of the University of architecture and information engineering at Anhui Construction University), and Ma Zhengyue (Hefei city) Luqiao monitoring center secretary), Liang Yuedong (Feidong County Housing Bureau Municipal Administration section chief), Yao Jin (Chairman of Anhui park environment art & Technology Co., Ltd.), Gao Ke Ming (Chairman of Anhui photo lighting Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.), Zhang Qi (vice president of lighting branch of China Railway Construction and Municipal Engineering Design Institute), Jiang Xiaogang ( Chairman of Wuhu Blue River Lighting Co., Ltd.), Peng Bo (Chairman of Hefei Jiahong Information Engineering Co., Ltd.) as deputy secretary general, including Ma Zhengyue, Liang Yuedong, Yao Jin, Gao Keming and Zhang Qi as deputy secretary general.

In the afternoon, the "2018 Anhui Lighting Forum" academic exchange conference was held simultaneously. The forum, with the theme of "urban lighting and lighting city", invites many well-known experts and scholars such as Li Tienan, Shen Wei, Du Jianxiang and Diao Xu, as well as Shanghai light Federation, Guangdong DeRossi, on the city lighting scientific design and construction, how city night scene promotes economic development, lighting technology innovation and progress. Business representatives such as the Grand Canyon do special academic reports. Experts from the conference have carefully analyzed and combed the current development trend of urban lighting and the existing problems from various angles. The content of the new report and the originality of the academic concept have benefited all the participants, and the whole forum is successfully completed in a passionate and enthusiastic atmosphere.

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