The Story Behind Shenzhen's Lighting Show 'night Too Beautiful'

- Oct 09, 2018-

On September 28, the lighting performance of shenzhen central district with the theme of "brilliant new era" was officially unveiled. The main content includes four chapters, namely, the city of mountains and seas, the window of reform, the capital of innovation and the land of harmony.At the end of the performance, "welcome to shenzhen" shows the city's openness and inclusiveness, and embodies the city's open and inclusive spirit and characteristics.More than 1.5 million sets of lamps were installed in the first light show, more than 90 percent of which were provided by local enterprises in shenzhen.The four chapters of the light show adopt different techniques of expression such as Chinese classical style and pop art.Ping an building adopts the most powerful civil laser, which is the largest laser in the world developed by China's own technology.The creative revelationFour chapters show the spirit and core of shenzhenThe lighting show in shenzhen has attracted strong interest and attention from the public since its opening. The light show on the night of Mid-Autumn festival gathered tens of thousands of citizens to enjoy.The reporter of south capital interviewed the main unit that is in charge of creative design and lamplight installation recently, reveal the originality of a lamplight show and technology comprehensively."The four major chapters of the light show were determined by the constant brainstorming, which was carried out by designers, government departments, media and people in the cultural sector for two months."Chen haiyan, deputy director of the lighting institute of tsinghua tongheng planning institute and vice President of the opto-electronic institute of human settlements in qing dynasty, introduced the lighting performance to identify four chapters, namely, the city of mountains and seas, the window of reform, the capital of innovation and the environment of harmony, to show the spirit and core of shenzhen.Different creative expression techniques were usedIn order to show four chapters, the lighting performance USES different creative expression techniques.According to Chen haiyan, the "city of mountains and seas" in the first chapter starts from the ancient traditional shenzhen. The biggest landform feature of shenzhen is the mountain and sea, which is reflected and reconstructed with the painting style of "a thousand miles of river and mountains".Then the city construction of shenzhen is shown, and the picture is finally cut back to the sea. This time, it is a modern sea, referring to overseas pop art, "from the ancient sea of China to the modern sea, it shows the changes of vicissitudes.In the final chapter of "harmonious environment", it shows the harmony between shenzhen people and the green, and the black-faced spoonbill with shenzhen characteristics is selected."The picture USES an anthropomorphic person, and the expression technique is abstract."Chen explained that the building's screen resolution is low and not suitable for figurative patterns.The content will be updated from time to timeChen haiyan introduced, each chapter has a different color, will try to control the saturation is not too high, so that the wall color and computer color close.Previously, some netizens commented that the large area of red, yellow and green in the light show looked a bit earthy."It's a complex job, like putting different monitors together, and there's a color difference."Chen haiyan explained that in the debugging self-inspection, there is indeed a green switch to red, such a large area of color brush past, the perception effect will be affected.But that's just debugging. It's a lot different than the actual lighting performance.And in the photo and video, and the scene will not be the same, you will see some online video fragments, but also feel special distortion, color jump.Mr. Chen said some scenes require large color contrast, while others require a clash or shock of colors, but try to avoid colors that are particularly similar in saturation."The light show is also like a city setting up a display system. Everyone will feel different when watching films.Chen haiyan revealed that this performance is four chapters, which was made for the 40th anniversary of shenzhen's reform and opening-up, and the content will be updated frequently in the future.The technology of revelationMore than 1.5 million sets of lights were used in 43 buildingsThe shenzhen light show is a night scene pattern with the center of the city as the core and the ping an building as the landmark.A total of 43 buildings participated in the joint performance.In charge of the lighting installation and construction is shenzhen kaiming electric lighting company.This is a national high-tech enterprise, has installed the civic center, the universiade center and other important government departments lighting projects.According to Chen zhiwen, chief engineer of kaiming electric lighting technology, more than 800,000 sets of lamps were installed in the construction part of the project, and 750,000 sets were installed in the square. In total, more than 1.5 million sets of lamps were used. 90% of them were produced by local enterprises in shenzhen.Another six glass boxes are produced by shenzhen enterprises."Most of the lamps damaged by the typhoon were blown away by the typhoon."Chen zhiwen explained the technology of light show when, the biggest bright spot is to use two kinds of light, a small point light source, still have a big point light source.Small point light source 2 watts, provided by a lighting enterprise in shenzhen.Large light source 15 watts, provided by a guangzhou enterprise."This is the first time in China that the design idea is to combine light sources of different sizes into a picture. It is provided by tsinghua university.Chen zhiwen explained that there is a big difference between the number of large light sources and the number of small light sources. The large light source is 6 meters long and the large light source is 6 meters long.Small point illuminant lamp is installed when the lamp chamfer that is built in aluminous profile, it is to go by internal line.The large light source is installed in the aluminum profile. The installation method of the aluminum profile is customized according to the situation of the building.Curtain wall structure is different to install different.For example, the curtain wall of ping an building is installed, and the lighting is installed twice. The original part is installed indoors, mainly using the lighting of ping an itself.Other buildings use hanging baskets, and spidermen lower the ropes.Chen said more than 1,200 workers installed all the lamps for a month.Video file control converted to wall animationHow to realize the picture after installing the lamp?Chen zhiwen explains, it is the point position that realizes lamps and lanterns, current building is irregular shape, every lamp has a point, the point position of all building should draw a drawing.The company needs to convert the video file given by tsinghua into upper wall animation, and decompose the picture of tsinghua into video file of each building. The single performance effect of each building is realized first, and then the point map is used to make each building form a picture, and then the picture is transformed into the program that osram control system can receive.Through the connected cloud platform, each building control system is integrated into the control platform. The terminal is located in the lighting center of the city administration bureau, and the command is sent to each building through the general control room. The whole picture is formed when playing synchronously."Cannot play files directly, must be converted to wall animation."Chen zhiwen explained that the picture you see is realized by small point light source. Each picture you see from the display screen is composed of lamp beads in a point light source. As a result of the density, pixel screen will be formed.In fact, all the lamps and lanterns are installed on the building, through the luminaires themselves shine to form the picture.But we need to convert the video source files into the animation program on the wall, and then the system executes the program, and the system controls each light, and lights different colors at different times, to form the screen.Also the plane becomes the elevation, is because of the building's starting height, the direction is different, wants to regard the same picture, must adjust the height and the left and right orientation, after all program commands are integrated, stores in the control room console, a little switch starts.Chen haiyan revealed that this technological innovation is reflected in the luminescence direction of lamps. From a distance, these point light sources are very bright, but they are not dazzling in the near place. This is a special light-control technology.Ping an building adopts the most powerful civil laser, which is developed by China's own technology and the largest laser in the world.It is understood that to ensure the public to watch the performance in a safe and orderly way, performances will be arranged every day on September 28, 2018 and December 31, 2018.The specific arrangement is as follows: three shows every night on Friday, Saturday and national legal holidays, the time is 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30.Sunday to Thursday night two, the time is 20:00, 21:00.(arrangements for performances after 1 January 2019, to be formulated after consultation with the public, to be announced separately)In order to ensure the safety and order of the performance, the public security, traffic police and other departments will take control measures according to the human flow situation on the scene, hoping the public and tourists to understand and cooperate.There is a shortage of parking Spaces around the plaza of civic center. Please try to choose public transportation and green travel when visiting.Nanshan "the most beautiful shenzhen bay" light show all the lamps and lanterns have carried on the soft light processingThe reporter understands from the aspects of nanshan district urban management bureau, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, nanshan district government to organize the implementation of the main body of the new era, the most beautiful shenzhen bay "light show of the project construction, project start debugging from August 26, at present, the debugging optimization is nearing an end, every light show about 8 minutes long, including" spring qi nan shan ", "nanshan science and technology", "ecological", "age" of nanshan four chapters, is scheduled to debut before and after National Day this year.Du jianxiang, the coordinator of the landscape lighting project of houhai center, told reporters that the main venue of the lighting show was chosen in the central area of houhai, and the talent park was the best viewing point after many considerations."" 'harmony without difference' is an important concept of nanshan lighting show at the beginning of its design.The show is more about nanshan's development than the light show at the futian civic center.In order to create a comfortable, beautiful, safe and orderly lighting environment, the project design team started from various aspects such as hardware facilities and lighting color matching.It is reported that the four chapters of "chunqi nanshan", "science and technology nanshan", "ecology nanshan" and "times nanshan" have different theme colors.Du Jianxiang tells a reporter, before talking about light show, the citizens mixed reviews, is behind the beautiful light reflected in the city of light pollution problem, he says, at the beginning of the project, it has made a request, to choose the lamps and lanterns of the light show all the lamps and lanterns of the soft light processing, in order to let people while enjoying the beautiful at the same time, life is not disturbed, in addition, the design team has also put forward in the lights flicker frequency requirements, in addition to the part of the turning point in performing rhythm is a little fast, most of the light show is a slow and melodious rhythm, "is our pursuit of the fusion, since started toning,We were concerned about what the citizens who exercised, walked, and worked around the talent park thought, to see if the lights were affecting their lives, whether complaints were received, but the results were satisfactory."

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