The Tesla Factory Will Use Bluetooth Lighting, Masque Has Approved.

- May 08, 2018-

Tesla's CEO and chief technology officer elon musk has reportedly approved the installation of a bluetooth controlled LED ceiling lamp at tesla's electric car factory.

The factory is located in fremont, California.

Lamps are used to illuminate key processes, such as inspection, and excellent lighting and control are essential to the final product.

The LED high ceiling lamp used by tesla is provided by Thrive Energy, with Avi-on Bluetooth?

Commercial lighting control device.

Approval of the installation is seen as a great endorsement of the technology.

The Avi-on system can be installed with mobile phones and includes remote configuration and monitoring.

It is understood that Thrive Energy is also entering the Internet of things lighting field, its intelligent lamps and lanterns can be built-in and interconnect various kinds of sensors and equipment, able to monitor various aspects of the user facilities, and communicate with staff and assets.

The company also operates direct solar lighting and smooth transition daylight collection in retail and commercial facilities.