The Theme Forum Of Thinking, Lighting, Thinking And Changing Invited The Lighting Industry Elite.

- Apr 22, 2018-

The global lighting and LED industry is eagerly awaited, ready to gather in China again to participate in the annual lighting event GILE Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Every year in the summer, many industry representatives will gather in Southern China. In the exploration of the latest information of the industry and the business order, we will communicate with each other more innovative thinking, so as to lead various lighting technologies and designs to new fields. The twenty-third Guangzhou lighting exhibition is no exception. The exhibition will be held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from 9 to 12 June 2018, and more than 2600 Chinese and foreign enterprises have been confirmed to be in the exhibition. With the enthusiastic support from the industry, the overall scale of this exhibition is bound to be even higher.

In recent years, the GILE Guangzhou lighting exhibition has surpassed the simple exhibition and display of the exhibition platform. It is further committed to the preparation of very forward-looking activities and seminars to bring the most advanced and brilliant new knowledge of the industry to the lighting industry. In order to make the forum theme "thinking, thinking and changing" more and more complete, the organizers have started sharing activities earlier, and invited the industry elite to express their views on the development of the industry.

Mr. Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., shared the expectations of the exhibition forum. "We are very pleased to be able to give the industry a" thinking. Lighting thinking. Change grid "forum. It is also a great honor to receive such a warm and rapid response from the industry. In this year's forum, we hope to inspire the audience to think and encourage them to embrace the change of the new era by inviting the lighting industry elite to share ideas and ideas. At the same time, we hope that the industry colleagues will further develop their business opportunities and succeed in the traditional and new fields.

In order to make the forthcoming forum more suitable for the industry, the conference encourages a number of exhibitors, professional audiences and representatives of the lighting industry to share their views on the current situation and future trends of the industry. The relevant views will be used to prepare the forum content and bring the highest level of dialogue opportunities.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is trusted by the industry, and more than 2600 enterprises have participated in the exhibition.

In this year's exhibition, the focus of the exhibition will be on the transformation and development of the industry, and more than 2600 Chinese and foreign exhibitors will attend the exhibition. The audience will be able to explore all kinds of epoch-making products and applications in the field of intelligent lighting under the impetus of digital technology and new design trend. Some of the key theme pavilions of the exhibition include:

Intelligent lighting solutions:

The intelligent networking lighting system and the Internet of things technology are the key to the future development of the lighting industry. Therefore, the 2018 exhibition will focus on the display of relevant intelligent lighting and solutions, exhibiting a large number of sensors, built-in wireless connections, or self changing colors. These advanced lighting products will not only provide light sources, but also respond to the needs of home activities, so it is more suitable to be installed in offices, retail stores, or homes, to help improve work efficiency or improve customer shopping experience.

At the same time, outdoor lighting is also an important part of building smart city. Many street lamp producers will show intelligent street lamp products. The functions of these products are advanced, they can collect data in real time, assist in monitoring the situation in the city, and meet the needs of local governments and urban planners. Some well-known brands include: Huapu Yongming, Fang Da Zhi Kong, Fei Le sound, Yi shell lighting, Hua Li lighting, Hua Mei lighting, DeRossi and Lei Mai.

Miniaturization and integration of LEDs:

The integration technology of LED and electronics is the combination of LED and electronic drive to create a higher integration and smaller volume of light engine. The miniaturized components start the connectivity and intelligent mileage of the luminaire, allowing the LED manufacturers to further improve the quality of the products, the design and production of simplified lamps and lanterns.

At the chip level, CSP encapsulation is the hottest technology at the moment; the LED packaging technology upsurge not only promotes the production process of the industry, but even leads to the birth of the niche market of the lighting industry. In the 2018 exhibition, the 10.2 Pavilion at the B district will exhibit a variety of packaging technology products, including chip level packaging (CSP) with different half wide angle launches, high color Rendering Index (CRI) and integrated major optical components, as well as the applications of ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) LED, and the packaging of horticultural lighting. .

At the level of the module, many manufacturers are also making new ideas. By adding components of sensors, controllers and wireless connections, a higher degree of integration of lamps and lanterns is created. The 12.2 and 13.2 pavilions will exhibit a large number of related LED drivers, IC power, light engines and module products; in addition, the DoB (Driver on Board) products will also be the focus of the field. This easy to assemble, cost-effective drive device will be able to distribute adjustable light sources.

People-oriented lighting:

With the development of LED technology, a large number of efficient and energy-efficient LED products have been put into the market. This transformation makes the concept of people-oriented lighting design put into practice, and of course it is also the focus of the exhibition. By creating the lighting products that can adjust the color temperature and the intensity of light freely, lamps and lanterns will be more suitable for the physiological clock or activity needs of the users. Some of the exhibitors to show these new products include: DIAS, Lund Vance, magnum, Zhao Guan lighting, Sparta, Guangzhou electronics and Konka lighting.

As for the major changes facing the lighting industry, Mr. Hu added: "the concept of smart cities and intelligent buildings, increasing emphasis on the application of data analysis, has brought a revolutionary change to the development of the lighting industry; of course, we are willing to witness the new dynamics and possibilities of these innovations for the industry. We will continue to work hard to develop the exhibition as a platform to assist the industry to develop business layout, to assist the industry to expand business opportunities and to explore the innovation and development of the lighting industry. "