The Top 10 Operations Of LEDs In The First Half Of The Year, What Do You Know?

- Aug 28, 2018-

The top 10 "operations" of LEDs in the first half of the year, what do you know?

    LED technology advancement has never stopped. In addition to those areas familiar to the industry, in recent years, with the breakthrough of technology, the application field of LED has been expanding, and various magical operations have caught the eye. Since the beginning of this year, there have been some powerful research results, LED masks, masks, masks, false eyelashes have been confirmed, the words: only can not think of, can not do. Online Jun outlines ten typical examples. It is worth noting that these ten operations have reflected one thing in common, that is, the breakthrough of LED technology is not only reflected in its basic application, but on this basis more humane and sustainable.

    LED mask is upgraded, the world's first film helps skin lock collagen

    In 2012, LED masks were introduced, which used red LEDs with wavelengths from 633 nm to 660 nm to eliminate wrinkles and shrink pores in a non-invasive manner. In January 2018, the Taiwan Institute of Technology upgraded the LED mask to develop the world's first light film, using ultra-thin light-guide film and micro-nano transfer technology to make 48 red 630nm The LED can be evenly illuminated on the face, and the LED configuration of the light film also avoids the eye, reducing the risk of eye irritation.

    Japan developed LED false eyelashes, flashing green and shining your eyes

    On January 11th, the team of Professor Daoguan Longguo of Ritsumeikan University in Japan announced that he and Shiseido jointly developed the "lighting false eyelashes" using "wireless transmission" technology and produced prototypes. The false eyelashes emit green light and flash according to the music. The team said it is expected to be used at the "singer's concert."

    The principle of light emission of the prototype is that electromagnetic waves corresponding to about 10 watts of electric power are transmitted from the power transmitting device, and electric power is received by a small power receiver having a false eyelash length of about 35 mm and weighing about 0.2 gram, thereby causing the LED to emit light.led bulb light

    Voice-activated LED mask appears, can change color with music beat

    In late January, a sound-control mask designed for music lovers appeared on Kickstarter, a famous foreign crowdfunding website, which can change the color of the light with the beat of the music.

    The secret of this LED mask is that it uses a material called phosphorusink, which is the same material used in luminous watches. At the same time, the lithium modulator converts sound waves into programmed illumination patterns.led ceiling light

    LED masks detect air pollution and change the color of the light in real time to remind

    The air pollution in London is serious. According to statistics, the number of people who die from air pollution is as high as 9,400. In order to highlight the seriousness of air pollution, a bicycle rider Greg McNevin designed an LED mask, hoping to arouse public attention to air pollution issues.

    The LED light-emitting mask is equipped with a sensor that operates with the AirBeam air monitoring system and is connected to the AirCasting website via Bluetooth to change the color in real time according to the air pollution.led tube light

    Wisdom contact lenses with LEDs can test blood sugar

    Around February, South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) also began to study smart contact lenses, using sensors and LEDs in soft contact lenses to test blood sugar, when the blood sugar level in the tears is too high, the green LED will Stop flashing continuously to remind the user.led flood light

    LED eye-wearing device with human-induced lighting technology can imitate natural light

    Osram's HCL eye-wearing device, equipped with LEDs, can mimic natural light of different brightness, and users can adjust to different color temperatures and color concentrations according to their needs. This device enables passengers to quickly adapt to jet lag or to allow athletes to play during nighttime breaks. The German ski team has been used during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics; the BMW team is also used in 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany and Liman, France. Hour endurance race.

    Indian traffic police for new clothes, LED light source uniforms to ensure safety

    In order to protect the safety of the traffic police, the Calcutta police in India changed their uniforms in January and used uniforms equipped with LED light sources to make it easier for drivers to signal traffic during the night or during rain and fog. It is reported that the designer has a ring light consisting of red LEDs and blue LEDs in the epaulettes. At present, there are 1,000 in the Indian military. In order to enhance the safety of the traffic police, 3,000 pieces will be distributed to the transportation team in the future.led flame bulb

    With this LED seat, you can't sit still!

    According to foreign media New Atlas, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Germany have developed an LED seat that can provide guidance for people sitting in their seats.

    The researchers are currently demonstrating the system on the MS Wissenschaft exhibition boat in Germany. Researchers believe that this technology can also be integrated into more practical applications such as floor mats or office chairs.

    The LED light is embedded in the pavement as a zebra crossing, which can be reminded according to the changing conditions of the road and the lights.

    According to reports, the British company Umbrellium and the car insurance company Direct Line have jointly developed a new type of pavement embedded with LED lights. This new LED light traffic system embedded in the road has been put into trial in London to detect pedestrians and other vehicles, and Road conditions change road lighting and pipeline numbers in real time to alert drivers to possible hazards. In particular, when a pedestrian or bicycle appears in the driver's blind spot, the road will display a red light warning.

    LED escape indicator with explosion-proof function, service life of 15 years

    American industrial lighting manufacturer Larson Electronics LLC announced the production of an LED escape indicator, named "EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L-IAE". Due to the escape indicator, it has an explosion-proof function and will be used in the US in the future. First, second and third level hazardous areas.

    In the event of a power outage, the 3.6 volt rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery installed in the indicator light can last for 3 hours, and the battery takes 24 hours to fully charge, but the service life is up to 15 years.

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