The Total Amount Is Nearly Twenty Million. Hongyan LED Lighting Won The Ningbo Rail Transit Project.

- Apr 21, 2018-

In 13 months of April, the arrival of a letter of notice announced that the Led lighting of Hongyan was marked by the first phase of Ningbo rail transit line three and the Ningbo Fenghua Intercity Railway (Ningfeng line), with a contract amount of nearly twenty million yuan. This is also after the winning Chongqing metro line ten, Hangzhou metro line four, the Qingdao Metro Line R3 line and other urban rail transit projects, the wild goose won another amount of more than tens of millions of subway orders.

Through the three districts of Jiangbei, Yinzhou and Fenghua, the project is an important project for the second round construction planning of Ningbo rail transit, and is also an important part of the "one ring two fast seven shooting" vision planning in Ningbo rail transit. Among them, the line 3 of line one line is 16.73 km with a total length of 15 stations, all of which are underground stations, with a total length of 21.59km of Ningfeng line, and a total of 9 stations, all are elevated stations and will be opened at the end of next year. According to the request, the swan goose will provide LED lamps and installation services for the public areas of the project station, that is, the station room and the station hall.

The winning LED products include ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp, flat panel lamp, modeling lamp and so on. It is worth mentioning that, in order to meet the special needs of the line "one station and one scene", the goose for each station design of the design of lamps and lanterns has the characteristics, in addition to meet the basic lighting requirements, and the overall decoration style of the station and hall to reach agreement, improve the overall aesthetic degree of rail line. At the same time, due to the huge size of some lamps and even close to 5 meters *5 meters specifications, in the installation of lamps and lanterns also put forward high requirements for the wild goose, Hongyan LED lighting team will carry out professional installation and light adjustment test.

It is understood that in 2015, Hongyan embarked on the layout of the "rail transit" lighting application market. Over the past year, the wild goose has taken on projects such as Qingdao Metro R3 line, Xuzhou subway line 1, Lanzhou Metro 8, Lanzhou subway 2, Chengdu metro line five, and Zhengzhou metro line five. In just three or two years, the reason why the swan goose has repeatedly played the voice is to break through the field of rail crossing, which is closely related to its excellent quality, endorsement by central enterprises and teamwork.

More than thirty years of industry cultivation and precipitation laid the excellent skills and quality of swan goose. In the field of LED lighting, Hongyan has a highly competitive lighting control core technology, forming a Led intelligent lighting system which combines lighting lighting and lighting control system. It is the leading LED intelligent lighting solution provider in China, which can meet the specific requirements of different rail transit projects.

As one of the few central enterprises in the industry, good reputation and brand power have become the bonus points of swan goose. In the 13 eligible tendering units, the swan goose can stand out from the fierce competition of the famous brand in the industry, and it has nothing to do with its brand value.

In the "13th Five-Year" period, China will enter the development stage of urban rail transit construction. By 2020, the total mileage of urban rail transit planning in China is more than 6000 kilometers (no tramcars and city track), 40 cities will be opened and the total amount of investment reaches 3-4 trillion yuan, with a broad market prospect. The swan goose that sets the location of "dynamic group service providers" will continue to serve the needs of China's urban rail transit in the future.