The Total Amount Of Profits Is Over 800 Million! OPPLE Lighting 2017 Annual Financial Report

- Apr 18, 2018-

In April 17th, OPPLE lighting announced its 2017 annual performance report. The annual report showed that in 2017, OPPLE lighting realized 6 billion 957 million yuan in operating revenue, up 27.03% from the same year, 801 million yuan to achieve a total profit of 32.44%, and a net profit of 681 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of the listed company, up 34.48% from the same year.——OPPLE lighting

OPPLE lighting has been steady since August 2016, and its total profit in 2017 has exceeded 800 million. The industry believes that this is closely related to the development of lighting industry and national strategic support, as well as the layout of products, channels, R & D and other aspects.

2017 is a year of important development of lighting industry in China. With the introduction and implementation of a series of national planning projects such as "13th Five-Year" semiconductor lighting industry planning, "promoting the transformation of the semiconductor lighting market and promoting the new light source of energy conservation and environmental protection", the lighting industry has become an important strategic new industry and an important grasp of energy conservation and emission reduction. OPPLE lighting timely grasp opportunities, actively layout IOT and smart lighting, leading similar enterprises.——OPPLE lighting

The momentum of home business is swift and violent

The annual report shows that in 2017, OPPLE lighting, on the basis of maintaining the leading advantage of the home market, further enriched the product structure and continued to extend the value chain of home products and services. In channel construction management, OPPLE is upgraded through a shop and a new batch of thousands of big stores have been built to realize the display of all types and style of home lighting. It embodies the professional brand image of the company, continuously improves the standard system of terminal operation and optimizes the customer's one-stop shopping. On line, OPPLE is still developing rapidly. It has been awarded the "double 11" lighting home decoration industry for the first time in fifth years.——OPPLE lighting

OPPLE lighting in the field of integrated home business last year, through the integration of wall, integrated ceiling, floor, clothes hanger and other related products and "seven days Hwan Xin home" one-stop service, to provide consumers with a one-stop service.

In the field of commercial lighting, the business section of OPPLE lighting involves many aspects such as hardcover real estate, chain, office, commercial center, industry and municipal traffic. In 2017, road lighting and outdoor lighting have been expanded. The road lighting business has covered 26 provinces and autonomous regions of the country and the Wujiang Street light LED lighting contract energy management The NCR is listed as the first major energy saving demonstration project by the NDRC.——OPPLE lighting

Create a global lighting enterprise

While stabilizing and strengthening domestic advantages, OPPLE lighting has made a series of impressive achievements in overseas market. The information of the annual report shows that OPPLE insists on the strategy of global independent brand, focusing on regional expansion in the strategic market, setting up subsidiary companies in key countries, building the foundation and system of global operation, and winning several multinational business projects such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and many other projects in Europe. Home enterprises provide intelligent office lighting solutions.——OPPLE lighting

In March of this year, OPPLE lighting, with the theme of "CONNECT@ OPPLE", appeared again in the International Pavilion of the Frankfurt International Lighting architecture exhibition in Germany, showing the comprehensive strength and brand influence of the national enterprises.

Professional intelligence to create industry benchmarks

According to the relevant personages, under the strategic trend of global industrial 4 and China's manufacturing 2025, OPPLE lighting has increased investment in R & D and intelligent manufacturing. In the field of research and development, the company returns to the essence of light, the pursuit of the value of light as the core, to provide customized lighting solutions for different populations and scenes, and to create a comfortable light environment.——OPPLE lighting

At the same time, OPPLE has established an independent IOT platform of Internet of things in intellectual control. It has made full effort to build a OPPLE intelligent lighting ecosystem and successfully launched intelligent home ecosystem based on intelligent lighting, which has triggered a sensation in the industry.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, OPPLE lighting continues to promote industrial line automation. With the increase of labor cost and the decline of the number of labor force, OPPLE lighting is looking forward to optimize the product design of intelligent manufacturing, reserve the development ability of the core equipment, lay the foundation for the future intelligent manufacturing, and lead the upgrading of the lighting products.——OPPLE lighting

The annual report shows that, thanks to the overall manufacturing efficiency and the leading layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the core competitiveness of OPPLE lighting has been greatly improved.

During the reporting period, the company won a number of honors and won the "2017 Chinese manufacturing listed company innovation benchmarking" award issued by the Economic Management Research Institute of the machinery industry, the "2017 Asian famous brand" award issued by the Asian brand event organizing committee, and OPPLE lighting as the only one in the 2017 China Management Global Forum. Solid manufacturing enterprises won the China Management Excellence Award.

In April 8th of this year, OPPLE lighting won the award of China's most respected investor listed company. In 2018, OPPLE lighting will continue to adhere to the concept of "use light to create value", based on user demand, with technological innovation as the driving force, adhere to the "people-oriented" design concept, adhere to the channel, R & D and product innovation, and develop into the channel, research and development and product innovation. International first-class lighting system and integrated home furnishing solution service provider.——OPPLE lighting