The World Cup Starts Tonight And LED Lights Up The 2018 World Cup Stadium.

- Jun 16, 2018-

Beijing time 11 o'clock tonight, the 2018 football World Cup first game will start in Russia, the stadium will be illuminated by LED.——LED Stadium Lights

The first battle of Egypt used a new LED lighting device for the Uruguay arena, aiming to facilitate the transmission of 4K and UHDTV, as well as the super slow motion playback without flashing.——LED Stadium Lights

Signify, the lighting supplier, promises to billions of television viewers around the world that the camera will capture "all the details, every drop of sweat, muscle and expression on the court."——LED Stadium Lights

LED site lighting can also be controlled and synchronized with music, creating a spectacular pre competition entertainment atmosphere.——LED Stadium Lights

Of the 12 venues, Xin Nuo won 10, and the other 2 were awarded by Disano, a maker of Italy.

The 10 venues of the bid are: Lui Nicky Stadium (Moscow), Chris Torfs Ki Stadium (St Petersburg), Fisht Olympic Stadium (Sochi), Yekaterinburg Arena (Yekaterinburg), and Kazan, Ross Tov, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Volga on the Dun River Taylor and the Samarra stadium.——LED Stadium Lights

The 2 venues awarded by Disano are venues in Samarra and Saran Silk.

In addition, the Luz Niki stadium in Moscow's Luz Niki stadium has installed a spectacular 39000 square meter media ceiling. During the competition, a unique light show will be staged to bring a carnival to the whole city's fans.——LED Stadium Lights

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