The World's First Transparent And Color-adjustable OLED Lighting Panel

- Oct 03, 2018-

The project of LOIGB (lighting system integrated with LED and OLED into glass and plastic composite materials and applied to railway and other USES) has been completed, and this achievement was demonstrated at booth 230 B0 hall in LOPEC in Munich on March 5, 2015.



The 55-millimeter color adjustable OLED module has a 42-millimeter active light region




A three-color controllable OLED layer structure




2-color transparent colorable OLED module


The goal of the project is to develop large-area color-adjustable OLED modules that can be red, green and blue (RGB) colors, mixed colors to achieve white and can be controlled separately.

Therefore, the implementation of any color required, including white, large-area 3 color variable OLED module is intended to be applied in the project and achieve the effect.


The OLED module is 55 mm in diameter and has a 42mm active light area, which is fully encapsulated in the film, thus making the OLED module laminate within the glass composite.


Japan mitsubishi and pioneer of common manufacturing VELVEOLED lighting panel was the first in the world of color, color temperature can be adjusted OLED lighting panels, but in 2015 from SBFSpezialleuchten LOPEC display co., LTD. A new product for the world's first transparent color OLED panel, as shown above, 2 - color transparent color OLED module can be displayed from the gradient to white, yellow, blue one application field is the baggage compartment of the train the light source used inside the laminated glass plate, and is in the project implementation.


The color variable OLED application range is very flexible, in addition to general lighting such as in Windows, wall units or wallpapers, it can also be applied to vehicle lighting, especially in the automotive and rail industry such as environment or key lighting.

In addition, the aviation industry has shown great interest in this technology, which can be applied to the environmental lighting in aircraft cabin.


For now, scientists are working on developing the product to achieve higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs, as well as eventually implementing roller-type flexible OLED.

In addition to focus on research and development the lighting elements intuitive intelligent control method, compared with the traditional light source (on/off), the product of complex functions, such as dimming, toning and dynamic segmentation effect) needs a new way of easy operation, a simple control is an absolute necessity for the innovation of lighting technology, in order to obtain market recognition.


The project was funded by the European Union and the free state of Saxony (grant document: 100133280).


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